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Derby County Fans Verdict: Loyal Royals Fume At Another Collapse

Harry rounds up the reaction of the Loyal Royals after they witnessed yet another Reading capitulation.

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The dictionary definition of deja vu is “a feeling of having already experienced the present situation”. In reality, you could just put a picture of Curtis Davies planting that header into the Reading net to make it 2-2 and it’d do the job.

How many times have we been here? It’s getting embarrassing now. When Davies’ header did go in, I didn’t feel an ounce of sadness or heart-break, because deep down we all knew it was going to happen. I just accepted it. One goal against us may as well be worth two.

When you’re 2-0 up at home with five minutes to play, you just have to win that game. There’s no excuse for not doing so. I said it in my report on Monday - it just sums up the problem at this club: the weak mentality.

I fear Pauno’s running out of time to fix this mentality, but it’s not just him. The players need to take a long look at themselves.

Here’s how the fans reacted to the capitulation. Spoiler alert: they weren't happy...

Junior Hoillett

It’d be wrong of me to be negative for the entirety of this piece (trust me, I was very nearly tempted to). Junior Hoillett had put us in a wonderful position thanks to his two goals, one of which was particularly special.

On his first start since the win at Cardiff in October, he showed what he can offer to the team and it’s a big plus having him back in the side.

The fans were delighted with his overall performance and his first half goal in particular...

The collapse

What is there to be said that hasn’t already been said? Not much really. The players need to find something within themselves to stop this from happening, or else we’re going to be in serious trouble come May. Serious, serious trouble.

I don’t care how much quality we’ve got, you have to back that up with mental strength - and we’re not showing much of that right now. The fans certainly weren’t a happy bunch after seeing us waste another two-goal lead...


I am still a supporter of Pauno. I never, ever want anyone to lose their job and get sacked, I would never call for a manager to be sacked and I’m not going to start now. But I do fear Pauno is beginning to run out of time.

Judging by the reaction on Twitter after the game, I think it’s fair to say that the fans are beginning to run out of patience, and our owners have previous with pulling the trigger and sacking managers.

I really, really want Pauno to turn things around, but performances like Monday afternoon just aren’t good enough. Here’s what the fans had to say regarding the gaffer...


Just unacceptable. And the problem runs deeper than just the second-half performance on Monday afternoon. It’s a mentality that's been ingrained into the club over so many years and it needs to change.

I don’t know how it changes or who changes it, but all I know is it needs to change. Otherwise it’s going to be a torturous next five months.

Next up, a trip to minnows Kidderminster Harriers in the cup. Surely that can’t go Pete Tong, can it? *gulps*