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Swansea Fans Verdict: A Royal Crumble In South Wales

How the fans reacted to a second half capitulation against the Swans.

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This team has showed a ‘bouncebackability’ on numerous occasions so far this season - and they’re going to need to show it more than ever on Saturday after a disastrous second half on Tuesday evening, which capped off a poor run of results and performances.

Having a knack of reacting well to losses is all well and good, until you stop having that knack. Because then it’s just bad result after bad result.

Look, I don’t think there can be too many complaints at the result of Tuesday evening - Swansea are a well coached team and keep the ball really well, and a 3-2 loss before the game would’ve been bad but not catastrophic. However, the way the loss happened is the bit that stings.

Here’s how the fans reacted to a Jekyll and Hyde performance...

The performance

I have to say I didn’t watch the first half, and judging by the majority of the fans’ reaction it wasn’t much better than the second half - which I did unfortunately witness. Regardless, we found ourselves 2-0 up with a few minutes to go until the interval, which is an unforgivable position to lose from.

For large parts of the second half we couldn't get near the ball. It was almost as if Swansea knew they were going to score two more and were just choosing when and how they were going to score them.

It looked inevitable, even at 2-1 down, that we were going to lose that game. We haven't shown a soft centre so far this season, but we did against the Swans, and the fans were fuming...

Three losses in a row

Again, if you said at the start of the season that we'll lose away to QPR and Swansea and at home to West Brom, I would’ve said “yeah, sounds about right”. But it’s the way we’ve lost them.

A last-minute penalty after a clumsy challenge, a flat performance from the first whistle and now a second-half capitulation. It’s the manner of the defeats more than anything that have been the worst bit.

The fans are not happy with the lsat few games...

Paul Ince

Regardless of how good the start has been, we’ve been burnt by this fire before so it’s probably understandable that few Reading fans have been willing to properly publicly praise Ince - we just don’t want the last few seasons to repeat themselves.

It’s hard for us fans, but also tricky for Ince. He probably feels he’s not getting the credit he deserves for getting us to where we are - which is fair - but games like the last three, and Tuesday night in particular, will build pressure. Particularly the way we lost and his post-match comments.

The fans weren’t impressed with Ince’s tactics or his post-match interview...


Another really poor night, and a performance that needs to be put right and very, very quickly. It’s difficult to look at the bigger picture after nights like this, but we are still in a good position.

The problem is the league is so tight this season, even by the Championship’s standards, that a few bad performances can send you plummeting down the table. We just need to get to 45 points as quickly as possible, and performances like Tuesday won’t help that.