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Burnley Fans Verdict: Heartbreak At Turf Moor

How the fans reacted to the talking points from Saturday’s loss.

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We’ve all seen many a last-minute loss in our time following the Royals I’m sure, but non in recent memory have rankled as much as this one. I still feel just as bitter writing this on Sunday afternoon as I did at 5pm on Saturday evening.

What happened was unjust and simply plain wrong. The incompetence of refereeing in the EFL needs to be investigated. We were brilliant against Burnley. We went toe to toe with top-of-the-table and red-hot promotion favourites. We held firm defensively and caused them problems on the break. We deserved more than what we got, a lot more.

Here's how you reacted to the big talking points. I think you can guess which one dominated the agenda most...

The performance

Firstly, let’s focus on the positives, of which there were many. The manner of the defeat will sting for some time but the performance the players put is one to be proud of.

This team is made of stern stuff and we saw it again at Turf Moor. Up against a team that’s flying high at the top of the table and the favourites for promotion, not many would’ve given us a sniff. But the players dug in, held their own and should’ve come away with at least a point.

Despite the obvious disappointment, the fans were quick to praise the performance...

The referee

Now onto the not-so-positives - well the one not-so-positive. It’s just wrong that we haven’t been awarded a penalty in injury time, plain and simple.

It’s an awful decision and I have a feeling that it would’ve been given if it were at the other end of the pitch, and the fact that it was 800 Reading fans calling for a penalty rather than 20,000 Burnley fans was a factor. It’s either that or sheer incompetence; either way it's not good enough.

Trying to find some family-friendly tweets on this topic was difficult to say the least...

Paul Ince

Paul Ince was nothing short of fuming in his post-match press conference, and who can blame him? His team got robbed by a poor decision.

The fans were quick to praise Ince for his honesty, and it was refreshing to see that kind of emotion from the gaffer. It shows he cares for the club, for the fans and for his players. A few managers would’ve gone for the PC approach to save themselves a bit of money.

Here’s how the fans reacted to his post-match interview...


The terms salty and bitter have been thrown around by Burnley fans since the game, and look, there’d be Reading fans doing the same if the shoe were on the other foot. But at the end of the day, the refereeing standards in this league affect every team, and it needs to change.

We were robbed on Saturday, but I have full faith in this team to react. They’ll be fired up for the trip to Luton Town on Tuesday and I’m confident of a result.