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QPR Fans Verdict: Late Mistake Punishes Royals

How the fans reacted to a defeat in West London.

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Friday was a game between the two surprise packages of the season so far, both with vastly different styles of play and both coming into the game with momentum. It promised to be a proper Championship. That it most definitely was, but the Royals fell short.

There are no real complaints from me either. Of course I’ll be biased and say 1-1 may have been fairer, but we didn’t really do enough in the game and when you make a clumsy tackle like that in the box, you deserve to get punished.

We held our own and didn’t disgrace ourselves - but this was probably one game too far for the players. Three games in six days is tough for any squad, let only ours.

Here’s how the fans reacted to the big talking points...

Mamadou Loum

I’m not one to pinpoint poor individual performances, but Loum will want to forget this performance as quickly as possible.

He’s had a decent start to his Reading career, particularly the two games against Boro and Blackburn, but on the ball he’s still got a lot to improve on to get up to speed. And, off the ball, you always fear he can be rash.

On Friday he was poor on the ball and put in a really clumsy tackle for the late QPR penalty - one that was duly punished. Here’s what the fans had to say...

Moving on

Yes it was a poor performance, and we didn’t do enough to win the game, but it was refreshing to see the fans look at the bigger picture after the game and be eager to move on.

After a loss like that, it’s important to have a bit of perspective. We weren’t anywhere near our best but still stayed in the game - it was a silly mistake that cost us in the end. Compare Friday to this fixture last season and you can see the improvement that’s been made.

As I said, the fans look keen to move on from Friday...


I don't like making excuses but three games in six days is a really tough run, particularly having Norwich and QPR in there.

The players did look very leggy for the most part, and we really, really missed Ince Jr - who was on the bench due to the Sports Scientists at the club saying he shouldn’t play (god knows how that went down with Paul Ince).

It was a frustrating performance, and the fans certainly noticed how tired and fatigued the players looked...


A tough game as we all expected it to be. A disappointing performance, but we’ve played similar to that and won games this season - so you have to step back and look at the bigger picture.

A really good chance to put things right next weekend, after a well needed full week off.