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Reading Draw Watford In The FA Cup

The Royals kick off their (hopefully extensive) 2022/23 FA Cup campaign with a visit from Watford.

Watford v Norwich City - Sky Bet Championship - Vicarage Road Photo by Steven Paston/PA Images via Getty Images

The third round of the world's oldest cup competition has rolled around once again and, as David Brent once said, “this is big boy sh*t”. All Prem and Champ teams enter the fray like the big lads in Year 10 strolling down the corridors of their local comprehensive school.

Actually finding the bloody draw was a game in itself. I eventually established it was live on YouTube so sat down to watch the shiny balls be pulled from the smooth glass bowl.

I always hope for a home draw and when our number failed to materialise (32 for the fact fans) I feared the worst. With a few teams still to go, we were in the mixer for a glamour tie against Manchester United or Frank Lampard’s Everton. Once they were drawn against each other, the pickings were thin.

Out popped 32. Yea! A home tie. Then came Watford. Cooool. An all-Championship won’t have the ticket office bombarded on opening sales day and I can’t see huge swathes of Reading faithful nipping out for this one.

Still, it provides a possibility to progress and at the end of the day, it might allow some fringe players to make an appearance. If, of course, we have any fringe players left at the club by that point.

Ties to be played on the weekend of January 7/8.