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Luton Town Fans Verdict: Royals Earn Scrappy Point

How the supporters reacted to a point and clean sheet on the road.

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Tuesday night was a night of mixed emotions it seems for the Loyal Royals. There was the happiness and pleasure at seeing us hold firm defensively and bag another clean sheet, but also the disappointment of not winning a game that was there for the taking.

It was one of those evenings that just needed a moment of quality from either team. Both ourselves and the Hatters got in decent positions but we lacked both the clinical touch and moment of decisiveness to win the game.

There are definitely positives to take - we would not have got a draw in that game last season - but also bits that we need to improve on. As ever, I suppose.

Here’s how the fans reacted...

The positives

The positives were pretty obvious. A solid defensive performance from a depleted backline against a team that can be a real handful going forward, and bagging our sixth clean sheet of the season.

And by no means was it a bad performance. We got in promising positions and gave Luton as good as we’ve got. And there were some decent individual performances - from the two Toms in particular.

So, yeah. There were certainly some positives for the fans to get their teeth stuck into...

The negatives

Unfortunately there were a few negatives as well too. There’s still a part of me that thinks we’ve dropped two points rather than gained one - it’s a weird feeling.

Luton weren’t really at it going forward, so if we just made one correct decision or showed an ounce of composure, we’d have won the game.

A point and clean sheet is not to be sniffed at, but it still rankles a bit that we should’ve, and maybe could’ve, got all three points...


All in all, a topsy-turvy night. But my overriding emotion is that it’s a decent point. A clean sheet and point away from home in this league is never a bad thing.

But, of course there are clear improvements to be made. As there always is. That’s life.

Onwards and upwards to a difficult last home game before the World Cup break.