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Coventry City Fans Verdict: Royals Return With Three Points

How the fans reacted after Reading returned to Championship action with a crucial win over the Sky Blues.

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The last few weeks have been somewhat strange, haven’t they? A World Cup halfway through this season is a shambles in its own right and another discussion entirely, but it essentially made me forget about Reading for a month.

So much so that it feels a bit weird sitting here writing this Fans Verdict. There is a major international tournament currently taking place; it should be the middle of June. And this should be about a friendly if at all.

However, it is Championship football I’m writing about. Better than that, it’s a Championship win and another vital three points towards survival. Here’s how the fans reacted...

Good to be back

The World Cup has done a decent job of filling in for the club football, particularly with England’s performances, but I have missed watching the boys play every week, despite the trials and tribulations that come with it.

It’s an odd feeling being back; we should have never have really had a break, but it’s good to be back. It looks like the fans have missed it...

Amadou Mbengue

Of course, the big talking point was the match winner Amadou Mbengue - or should I say Cheeseburger.

I don’t really care all that much who scores and who doesn’t, it’s a team game and as long as we get a result then happy days. However, Mbengue has been brilliant since he came in and it was great to see him get his first goal for the club.

He’s certainly popular among the players and is becoming a fans’ favourite too. We just need to tie him down to a new contract now. The Loyal Royals loved his performance and his goal on Saturday...

A big win

The performance wasn't great and we rode our luck on more than a few occasions, but I’ve said it time and time again so far this season: it’s not about performances for us at this stage, it’s all about results.

We just need to get to that 45-point mark as quickly as possible, and to be on 32 after 22 games is a really solid effort.

Saturday was another key win and the fans were happy to be walking away from a baltic SCL with a +3...


Yes it was an ugly win and the visitors were probably the better team. But who cares? A win and a clean sheet are never to be sniffed at, and it’s a great trait to be able to pick up wins when you’re not at your best.

Next up, a trip to the Blues.