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Birmingham City Fans Verdict: Royals Rue Costly Mistakes

Here’s how the fans reacted to Friday nights loss to the Blues.

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We got a vital win last week against Coventry City, but even the most optimistic Loyal Royal would have to say we rode our luck on a few occasions. I think it's fair to say that luck ran out on Friday night - particularly in the opening 45.

The overall performance really wasn’t that bad, but a clumsy deflection from Mamadou Loum, a lunge in the box from Naby Sarr and a complete air kick from Amadou Mbengue had us 3-0 down at half time. And if you gift your opposition three goals, you can't expect to get anything from the game.

The second half was better and it was good to see we showed a bit of fight. But it's hard to say we deserved anything from the game.

Here’s what the fans had to say about a tale of two halves...

Costly mistakes

The half-time scoreline could fool people into thinking we were completely outclassed in the opening 45, laid down and got our tummy tickled. But that wasn’t the case. We made three basic mistakes and got punished for them.

There’s not much Paul Ince can do when his players make basic individual errors like that. We know what the game plan would’ve been: keep it tight and make the most of our moments. But within 30 seconds we’ve conceded and the game plan is up in the air.

The fans were rather frustrated with the mistakes made in the first half...

Mixed opinions on the performance

My personal opinion is that we’ve played a lot worse this season and won games, a la Coventry last weekend. I understand a performance can't be that great when you’re 3-0 down at half time, but we were 3-0 down because of individual errors, rather than a lack of cohesion or just a poor team performance.

However, and as ever, there were differing views among the Loyal Royals - some agreeing that there are positives to take and some not so much.

Here’s what the fans had to say about the performance...


As Greg Double’s tweet in the section above states, ‘Championship gonna Championship’. We have and will play worse and win games, and we have and will play better and lose them.

We didn’t deserve to win the game; you can't make three mistakes like that and expect to come out of the game with anything. But we showed a reaction in the second half and if those goals would’ve come five or 10 minutes earlier, you just never know.