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Swansea City Fans Verdict: A Vital Three Points

How the fans reacted to a big win at home to the Swans.

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As late Christmas presents go, Tuesday night’s win over Swansea City was a pretty good one. The Royals yet again had to show heart and spirit to dig in and gain three very valuable points.

Andy Carroll’s opener got the ball rolling before player of the season in waiting Tom Ince bagged his 100th career goal to double the lead. A late consolation from Swansea threatened a comeback, but the Royals held on.

There were a few talking points to come from the game, and here’s how the fans reacted to them...

Tom Ince

Let’s be honest, you may as well award Tom Ince as our player of the season now. Once again on Tuesday he was superb: full of energy, passion and fight. He leads the way for this team.

Not only that, he bagged himself a goal too - which ended up being the difference between one point and all three.

I just absolutely love him. And it seems the rest of you lot do too...

Joe Lumley

I think it’s fair to say that when Lumley signed, we weren’t expecting much. But, barring Rotherham United away, he’s been assured and looked a really clever signing. And best of all? He absolutely loves ruffling feathers.

Not only did he produce a couple of really important saves against Swansea, he also managed to somehow rile up Russell Martin who, and I quote, said he wanted to ‘fight’ Lumley after the game. Odd.

Here’s what the fans had to say about another fans favourite, Mr Lumley...

A big win

Yes we rode our luck at times and yes there is a lot that we can improve on and still makes me a little nervous. But honestly, as long as we keep picking up wins I don't care that much - this was an absolutely massive win.

It is ridiculously tight in the league at the moment, even by the Championship’s standards, so all we need to do is keep focusing on ourselves and churning out results.

The fans acknowledged that we may have got a little bit lucky, but also recognised what win it was...


Some may say we got away with it, some may say Ince’s substitutions were a bit iffy - I say it’s a great win and three more points towards our number one goal this season: staying up.

To be where we are at this stage of the season is beyond any of our wildest imaginations at the start of our season, and is a credit to everyone involved at the club. There’s still a long way to go, but wins like this will do us no harm at all.