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Coventry City Fans Verdict: Breaking Point

Harry rounds up the reaction from what turned out to be a divisive day at the SCL Stadium.

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I think it’s fair to say the breaking point was finally reached on Saturday afternoon, and it’s been coming for a while. First, the protest outside the ground before the game and then the scenes at full time (I will put my two pence in on this in the conclusion) - the fans have had enough.

Saturday was supposed to be a celebration of our football club, but in reality it turned out to be anything but that. The timing, which the club can’t help obviously, didn’t do the celebrations any favour, but the way the club ran the whole occasion summed up how we’ve been run for the last few years.

No returning legends, no looking back on our 150 years as a football club, another loss on the pitch and the toxic atmosphere around the club continued. It was just a disaster of a day, let's be honest.

Here’s how the fans reacted...

Yakou Meite

The only thing that ensured Saturday wasn’t a complete disaster was the return of this man. I genuinely believe if Yaks had been fit this season, we would not be where we are right now. He showed within minutes of coming on what we’ve been missing while he’s been on the treatment table.

The fans will just be praying now that his return hasn’t come too late in the day, because he will be a huge player for us for the rest of the season.

As you’ll see below, the fans thought he showed more in his 20 minute cameo than most of his team mates have all year so far, and I can't disagree with that...

150th celebrations

I didn't quite clock this until after the game while listening to BBC Berks, but the sheer lack of celebration from the club on Saturday sums up the way it’s being run at the moment.

I get it, the club’s in a horrendously bad place at the moment, but there was a big chance for the club to lift the mood just a little bit on Saturday. Invite Coppell and his 106 team back for a lap of the pitch, have a half-time speech from McDermott or Madejski, anything that would put just a hint of a smile on our faces.

But no, there was nothing. It was a poor showing from the club, and the fans agree with that...


I don’t like saying this, I really don’t, but the only quick way to reunite the fanbase now is for Paunovic to go and for someone new to come in. And if what Tim Dellor reported on BBC Berks before the game is true (and I can’t for a split second imagine he’d make something like that up) then Pauno’s not just lost the fans, he’s lost the players too.

We are sleepwalking towards relegation at the moment, we need a new manager to come and save us. Pauno is a nice enough guy, but it’s not working - it’s dangerously not working.

The fans really hit a snapping point on Saturday, and I think we will continue to see scenes like we did on Saturday until he’s sacked...


I said I’d put my two pence in here about the scenes we saw on Saturday, not that it means anything at all, so here goes.

At first I was embarrassed when I saw fans run on the pitch. I thought to myself, “seriously, is that what this club has become now? Fans on the pitch?” I was disgusted.

Although I still don’t agree with fans going on the pitch, I can understand it more now. But what we need more than anything is a united fanbase. If you did go on the pitch, don’t think those that didn’t don’t care about the club. If you didn’t go on the pitch, try not to immediately judge all the people who did.

We all want the same thing, we want our club back. The only way for us fans to get our voices heard is to all be as one, and all do it together. So I hope we can figure out a way to do that.