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Peterborough Fans Verdict: The Nightmare Continues

Harry rounds up the reaction of the - again - frustrated and angry Loyal Royals.

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Every match day is a constant cycle of nightmarish events at the moment. The lack of enthusiasm, hope and excitement before a game, the drab, lacklustre, lifeless display during 90 minutes and the outpour of anger, frustration and emotion at the end.

The run-up to Wednesday’s game however was even more disastrous and ridiculous than we are used to (which is really saying something). On Sunday night, all of us (fans and players alike supposedly) thought we’d have a new manager at the helm for the trip to Peterborough. However, that clearly wasn’t to be.

Then it came to light that Paunovic actually handed in his resignation a few weeks ago but it was rejected by his superiors (I mean, what the f***?) and then, from nowhere, we signed Brandon Barker on a deal until the end of the season. The banter era has officially turned into constant-state-of-depression era.

However, we had a game to play, which ended in an atrociously bad 0-0 draw and led to frustrated scenes at full time once again. Here’s how the fans reacted...

The players

I had a bit of empathy towards the players during the run-up to the game. The biggest match of our season (so far) and that’s the preparation they get. They don’t want this manager in charge (allegedly) and finally thought he was off.

However, as my dad rightly said to me a couple of days before the game, it surely doesn’t matter who’s in charge. Players (should) have self pride and pride in their badge. Maybe Pauno doesn’t deserve their full support and effort, but us fans certainly do. It’s the least we deserve.

And I think it’s fair to say the Reading faithful don’t feel like they got that, and I'm not one to argue with that...


Well, what can I say that hasn’t already been said?

I spent a little while just watching Pauno during the game on Wednesday (I mean, the action on the pitch wasn’t exactly pulse-raising stuff was it?). He does not want to be here, and who can blame him?

Superiors that are hanging him out to dry, using him as a punch bag supposedly, players who don’t want him there and fans who don’t want him there. I have a fairly high level of empathy for Paunovic, he’s out of his depth.

The fans were, as ever, fuming with him and calling for his head after the game (including during his post match presser)...

Post-match scenes

We saw the fans take action after the Coventry game on Saturday, and we saw it again on Wednesday night. This time, the fans took to the car park outside the ground, waiting for the players and staff to head back to the team coach.

Whether you agree with the protests or not, something has to give. And if you look back through the history books, actions always speak louder than words. As long as the protests remain peaceful and don’t get ugly and turn into violence, then I can completely understand it.

The people this mess affects the most is us. If the club dies, the players will go and get new clubs, Paunovic will find another job, Kia will worm his way into another club and Dai will shrug his shoulders and carry on with life. We, however, would never be able to recover.

Here’s how the fans reacted to the protests outside the ground, which included Andy Yiadom coming over to try and talk to the fans...


I mean, I could go on all night rounding up the tweets after the game on Wednesday. Kia, Dai, Pang, Paunovic, the players, the performance, no wins in nine games, failing to beat one of our biggest relegation rivals. It is truly a sorry, sorry state of affairs.

We deserve so much more than this. The lack of transparency and honesty off the pitch, and the utter torture on the pitch just makes for a horrible experience supporting this club at the moment.

I have lost all hope in surviving, all hope. This is the lowest I’ve ever felt supporting this football club. It’s honestly depressing.