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Blackpool Fans Verdict: Back To Reality

How the fans reacted to a thumping 4-1 loss to the Tangerines.

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Well, if Paul Ince didn't fully understand the task at hand before the Blackpool game - which I’m pretty sure he did, might I add - he will now. After two wins on the spin, Saturday afternoon was a stark reminder of the problems we still have and the trouble we’re still in.

The performance wasn't really that bad. I mean, we’ve seen a lot, lot worse than the 90 minutes on Saturday. However, it was familiar problems that came to the fray yet again. We have the leakiest defence in the entire league, and it's no surprise when you capitulate on a regular basis like we did against Blackpool.

Paul Ince stated after the game that it ‘wasn’t a 4-1 game’ which I guess overall might be correct. But I'm a firm believer in getting what you deserve and, if you defend the way we did in that second half, you deserve to lose by a few goals.

Here's how the fans reacted to the key talking points...

Luke Southwood

After a few games sat warming the bench thanks to the arrival of Karl Hein, Southwood was thrown back into the mix for the trip to Blackpool. It looks like he'll be staying between the sticks for the foreseeable too due to Hein’s unfortunate injury.

Earlier in the season, Southwood was very, very good. It is fair to say though that in his most recent outings he hasn’t hit the heights he did earlier in the season. He wasn't at his best on Saturday either, in particular for the hosts’ second.

The fans were quite angry with the keeper after the game. Here’s what they had to say...

The defending

A defensive record like ours is relegation-worthy, it really is. 67 goals conceded in 34 games is just unacceptable, completely and utterly unacceptable. After defending better in recent games (huge emphasis on the word ‘better’ in that sentence), it was the same old on Saturday afternoon.

The second half we just crumbled. I get we were trying to chase the game and get back into it, but in my opinion that is used as an excuse for poor defending far too often. Going to try and score goals doesn’t mean you have to be as open at the back as we were.

It’s becoming what we’re used to as fans, but the shambolic defending doesn’t get any easier to watch for the fans...


Just not good enough. Again. Hopefully Ince gets a chance to change a few things in the next week before Millwall, because if we continue defending like that, it’s going to be get worse before it gets any better.

If there was any kind of honeymoon phase after Ince’s appointment, it’s been nipped in the bud pretty quickly. The size of task at hand is monumental and Ince and the players better know that.