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Cardiff City Fans Verdict: Tale of Two Halves Costs Reading

Here’s what the fans had to say after a poor result at home to Cardiff City.

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We are no worse off than we were on Saturday morning; in fact we’re a little bit better off as now Barnsley have fewer games to pick up the points they need to overtake us. However, we could’ve all but secured Championship status with a win on Saturday, but we let ourselves down once again.

We should be 11 points clear now. It's not the end of the world and the gap is still eight points, but it’s so frustrating. The only thing consistent about this team is its inconsistency.

The fans were left frustrated too. Here’s how the reacted to the big talking points.

Tale of two halves

The fans were impressed at half time. It had been a good attacking performance, we were 1-0 up, 11 points clear of Barnsley and 45 minutes from virtually Championship survival. Happy days.

However, what was to follow was a familiarly poor second-half performance. We had built a platform in the first half to go on and win the game comfortably, but threw it all away in the second half.

We have become used to seeing Jekyll and Hyde performances this season, and the fans saw another one which they were not happy with...

The defending

We have seen a slight improvement in defence since Paul Ince came in, but this team is just far too prone to conceding goals, and doing so via shambolic defending nine times out of 10.

It was the case again against the Bluebirds as Cardiff sliced through us at ease for both goals. That second goal in particular is just a catastrophe of the highest order. Players out of position here there and everywhere, it was embarrassing.

For as long as we’re this bad at defending, we won’t be making any progress as a club. The fans are getting sick of it...

Paul Ince

I think Ince has done a good job. He’s (almost) done exactly what he was brought in to do which is keep us up. He’s done a better job than I thought he would, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only pessimistic one when he was appointed.

However, he has shown little to suggest he is the right man to take the club forward in the long term. Saturday proved that point once again. He has been in a charge for a while now, but the same problems keep cropping up.

Fuel was added to the fire to on Sunday morning when the Daily Mirror reported that he’s been offered the position for next season. The fans aren't keen on that proposition...


Another horrible afternoon at the SCL Stadium. Luckily, we’re still in the driving seat for Championship survival, but nothing is convincing me that we won’t be in a similar position (or worse) this time next year.

The same old problems keep coming to the fore and it is now as frustrating as it is predictable. It’s horrible. We’re saying it again I know, but a revamp in the summer is needed desperately. And by revamp, I mean a proper overhaul of, not just players, but the entire club - from top to bottom.