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Sheffield United Fans Verdict: Bedlam At Bramall Lane

Here’s how the fans reacted to a day that will live long in the memory.

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The 4-0 at Huddersfield Town, the 7-0 against Fulham, the embarrassment at Kidderminster Harriers. Just a few occasions this season when I’ve asked myself after the game, “why on earth do I do this?”. Why do we trudge up and down the country every week spending our hard-earned cash on this club? Well, I have the answer now.

Every season you get a couple of moments that make you fall in love with the game all over again, and Friday afternoon was one of those. It is the only sport in the world that can take you from agony to ecstasy in a matter of milliseconds.

When N’Diaye equalised for the hosts I was gutted. We’d played so, so well and deserved all three points. In the 30 seconds after their goal I replayed that Lucas Joao miss in the first half in my head about 100 times.

But then, Tom McIntyre (who was at fault for their goal in my opinion) popped up with the moment of the season. Utter, utter bedlam.

Here’s how the fans reacted to the big talking points...

That goal

Obviously, the big talking point is the best moment I’ve had as a Reading fan in a long, long, long time. Uncannily reminiscent of the Modou Barrow goal at Ipswich Town three seasons ago, but, in my opinion, much more important.

And I could not have picked a better player to score it. The Scottish Pirlo. One of our own. Reading through and through. We lived that moment with TMc, because he is one of us. What a moment.

A goal that sparked the biggest and best #limbs I’ve seen, and the fans absolutely f****** loved it. He drinks the vodka, he drinks the jaeger...

Full-time scenes

Again, so reminiscent of the match at Ipswich under Jose Gomes. As soon as that full-time whistle went, Josh Laurent, Michael Morrison, Tom Holmes and McIntyre sprinted the length of the pitch to celebrate with the fans.

They were closely followed by Paul Ince who, from what I can remember, showed his first real bit of emotion since coming in, pumping his chest and celebrating with the fans. Moments like this will live forever for us.

We don't get much to cheer about following little ol’ Reading, so Saturday will live very, very long in the memory...


What a day, what a result. A timely reminder of why we do what we do and how much this club means to us. There have been so many times I’ve felt like giving up this season. This season has got me to my lowest point as a fan of this club, and I’m sure i’m not the only one in that boat.

It has beaten us and left us angrier and more frustrated than ever. But my word, Friday afternoon made up for it 10 times over. I will never forget Friday, ever.

Tom Holmes, Tom McIntyre, Tom Ince, Josh Laurent, Michael Morrison, Lucas Joao - I could go on and on and on. Every one of them hero’s to a man. And Paul Ince, wow. Who would’ve expected this when he came in? He’s done his chances of being in charge in August no harm at all.