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Swansea Fans Verdict: Royals Rise From The Ashes

The best bits of the fans’ reaction after a mind-blowing encounter at the SCL Stadium.

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At the time of writing it’s circa 24 hours since Tom McIntyre prodded home a dramatic late goal, his second in as many games, and I still don’t have a clue what on earth happened. It was 4-1, we were dead and buried, Swansea City were playing us off the park. There wasn't a cat in hell’s chance that we’d get anything from the game.

Arise Tom McIntyre. He did it on Friday, and he only went and did it again on Monday afternoon. The second unforgettable moment of the weekend, and another reminder of why we keep trudging up and down the country to watch this club, even when times are tough.

There was so much fan reaction to gather up, as you can imagine. But here are the best bits, and it’s fair to say you were a happy bunch...

The fightback

We were dead and buried, the game was over. Where on earth the players found the fight to comeback from 4-1 down I will never know.

That’s the difference between the team now and where we were a few months ago. And that kind of never-say-die attitude is all we’ve ever wanted as fans. Huge credit has to go to Paul Ince for completely turning around the mentality of the club.

The fans only ever ask to see 100% at all times from the players, so they loved it seeing it on Monday...

Tom McIntyre

The stuff dreams are made of. I keep saying it, but he is one of us, one of our own scoring last-minute winners and equalisers in front of us fans is utterly incredible. When people say football is just a game, show them McIntyre’s last two games.

Every time i think about it I keep smiling. It’s what football’s truly about. It feels strange saying it, but it's like we scored those goals with him. 10 years after he was on the pitch celebrating our promotion, he’s scored a last-minute equaliser that virtually secures our safety on the exact same pitch. Mind-blowing.

He even came over to Club 1871 and started a chant at full time. I love him so much.

He’s one of our own, and you guys absolutely love him, not least his dad, Ian...


Wow. What another incredible game. A few months ago that game would not have finished 4-1. Swansea would’ve gone on to score five, six or seven goals. We would’ve been embarrassed. But not now.

We showed a fight, spirit and desire that I haven’t seen in a very, very long time. It was incredible stuff, and all we’ve ever asked for as fans. Just never give up. If you don’t give up on the pitch, we won’t give up in the stands, and Monday was a perfect example of that.