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Blackburn Rovers Fans Verdict: Dominant Royals Cruise To Victory

The fans were treated to a dominant display on Wednesday evening as the Royals strolled to a 3-0 win.

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I’m trying to think of a better, more dominant performance than Wednesday evening in recent times and I’m stumped. Fulham away last season was good, but more of a defensive stalwart performance. Bournemouth at home in Pauno’s first season was good, but in the second half we dropped off a little.

On Wednesday against Blackburn, from minute one to minute 90, we were the better, hungrier team. By a country mile. It’s even sweeter when you think about the performance we were subjected to against Rotherham. Everything we didn’t get at Rotherham, we got against Blackburn 10 times over.

Every player to a man was superb. Joe Lumley chipped in with an important save, the defence were rock solid, the wing backs were superb, the midfield was tenacious and aggressive and the forwards ran themselves into the ground.

It was a wonderful performance, and here’s how the fans reacted to the big talking points...

Mamadou Loum

I feel bad for picking out one individual because, like I said, everybody was outstanding. However, this bloke provided, in my opinion, one of the most dominant midfield displays I’ve seen from a Reading player in a very, very long time.

He hunted that ball down as if his life depended on it. He was ferocious, aggressive and won more 50/50s than I could count. He was brilliant.

The fans loved it enough to provide him with his own song, and what a tune it is. Loum, Loum, Loum, Loum...

A complete performance

I genuinely cannot remember a more complete performance. From the outside, some fans might think we’re getting a bit carried away over one win, but we saw on Wednesday night everything we’ve been crying out to see for years now.

It’s not been often in recent times when I’ve walked out of a game thinking “we wanted it more than them today”, but on Wednesday evening I did. And it’s such a good feeling. We outfought Blackburn, we were more hungry than them.

The fans absolutely loved it, and who can blame them?...

The atmosphere

The Mad Sta- sorry, SCL Stad, was absolutely rocking on Wednesday. I was incredibly worried that Saturday would’ve taken the wind out of not just players but the fans too. This club has been toxic for a long time now and I felt it wouldn't take many bad results for it to become just that once again.

However, I was delighted to be proved wrong against Blackburn. The fans were behind the players from the get go. That’s the kind of atmosphere you get when you’ve got players fighting for the shirt on the pitch.

It was an electric atmosphere and one that I hope continues...


Just a simply fantastic night spent at the SCL Stadium. I still can’t quite get over it. It’s a massive ‘if’ I know, but if we do play like that more times than not this season, we’ll be more than fine for relegation.

It’s all we’ve ever asked for as fans: players who will get stuck in and who look like they actually care. We outfought, outran and bullied our opponents. It’s not often we get to say that.

But, of course, we need to back it up. Not necessarily results-wise, just performance-wise. All we want to see is performances like that one. And I guarantee if we match that performance consistently, the results will follow.