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Millwall Fans Verdict: A Royal Away Day In London

The fans were in a jubilant mood after watching their team seal a huge win in the capital.

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If you’d come up to me after the final whistle at Luton Town on the final day of last season and told me that after six games of 2022/23 we’d be sitting at the top of the league, I’d have laughed in your face. But here we are.

I’m starting to fall in love with this team very, very quickly. They are leaving everything out on the pitch every time they go out there, fighting for each other every single minute of every single game.

For too long we’ve had a soft centre. We’ve been a team who crumble far, far too easily. But these lads seem to be made of tougher stuff, and huge credit has to go to Paul Ince for instilling that mentality.

And we’re reaping the rewards from it. Top of the league, who’d have thought it? Here’s how the fans reacted to another big win...

Naby Sarr

We had to wait a tortuously long time to see him in a Reading shirt, but I think we can say it was worth the wait, wasn’t it?

Obviously he ended up being the match-winner with his goal, but his overall performance was really impressive. He looked comfortable on the ball, monstrous in the air and a real presence at the back. As far as debuts go, it really wasn’t a bad one.

The fans have already fallen in love with him...

Top of the league

How mental is that? We’re top of the league. Yes we’re only six games in and, let’s be honest, it’s unlikely that we’ll stay at the top of the league until May, but we haven’t had the chance to celebrate much in recent years, so we deserve to enjoy this while it lasts.

Like I said earlier, this team is playing for each other and showing the kind of fight we’ve been craving for so, so long. That fight has now got them to top of the league and the fans are absolutely loving it...

Paul Ince

Yes the players have been fantastic and deserve all the plaudits they’re getting at the moment. But the man who deserves the most credit for changing the mentality of this team, in my opinion, is the gaffer.

He was probably every single pundits’ favourite to be the first manager to get sacked and we were written off as relegated before a ball was even kicked. But one game at a time he’s showing those pundits, and most Reading fans, that he’s still got a point to prove. And I’m so here for it.

With results going the way they are, I think it’s fair to say the fans are starting to rather like Ince Sr...


A 1-0 win away from home, a debut goal for Naby Sarr, a clean sheet, a beautiful day in London and a trip to the top of the league. C’est magnifique.

Paul Ince’s tricky Royals may surprise a few this season if we continue on this path. A team and a club that look like they’re pulling in the same direction, both on the pitch and now off it, too. Long may it continue.