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Sheffield United Fans Verdict: Royals Outclassed In South Yorkshire

How the fans reacted to a sobering loss to one of the promotion favourites.

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There’s only really one word to describe Tuesday night’s result really, and that word is sobering. After the jubilant highs of the last three games that saw us gain three wins and three clean sheets, we came crashing back down to earth with a ginormous thud at the hands of Sheffield United.

It was a reality check in all honesty. Our fight this season isn’t with the likes of Sheffield United. Despite the last three games, at the moment our eyes still have to be purely on trying to stay in this division, and Tuesday night was a reminder of that.

It was a depressing mixture of the hosts being very, very good and showing why they will be there or thereabouts come May, and us being well off the pace and showing why we can’t be getting away with ourselves so early on in the season.

Here’s how the fans reacted to the biggest talking points...

Lucas Joao

The curious case of Lucas Joao.

The striker had a really bad data the office, and was desperately infuriating. But what we saw shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone and doesn't tell us anything new about Lucas Joao as a player.

It was probably the worst game I’ve seen from him in long time, but it doesn’t change my opinion on him. We all know he’s a hot-and-cold player.

Some fans were quick to criticise Lucas, but others quick to point out that we still need him in this team...

Back to reality

In a perverse way, like Ince said, we probably needed a result like that just to keep our feet on the ground and make sure we don’t get carried away, both players and fans alike.

Of course, a win would’ve been fantastic. But it was a reality check of where were at in this moment in time. Yes, the performance was bad. But we’re a threadbare squad and we came up against quality opposition who are, simply, better than us.

Like I said previously, our fight this season is not with the likes of Sheffield United. It was positive to see the fans admit that too...

Conceding four again

When it rains it pours. To say we always crumble when we concede would be incorrect, considering we only lost 1-0 to Blackpool and fought back to win against Cardiff City. However, it seems to happen quite a lot.

I wasn't too stressed losing to Sheffield United, but I’d be lying if I said conceding four didn't rankle a bit. It’s always really disappointing to concede that many, and we did make it far too easy on occasions.

The fans weren’t too impressed either...


A game that *hopefully* won’t dictate our season, but still a really, really disappointing evening. We just weren't at the races from the get go, and you have to be at the races against a team like Sheffield United.

Hey ho, it’s not how you fall, it’s how you get up from falling right? Onwards and upwards to Stoke on Sunday.