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Wigan Fans Verdict: Royals Bounce Back Again

How the fans reacted to a big win in the North West.

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It was so, so important to wipe Wednesday night from the memory as soon as possible - and the best way to do that was winning at Wigan. It’s been mentioned before, but this team has made a handy knack of responding well to bad defeats, and we saw that yet again on Saturday.

It was by no means a straightforward victory - it rarely is with Reading - but it was a hard-fought one - as it usually is with Reading. We could’ve and should’ve put the game to bed in the second half, but a brilliant free kick from Ince Jr secured the +3.

The fans were in a much better mood after this game than they were in midweek, and there were plenty of positive talking points...

Tom Ince

I think if the season ended today and we had to pick a player of the season, the results would be pretty unanimous. Ince Jr has been superb so far this campaign.

The main reason he's been so impressive is his work rate. It’s been said before but I can’t remember another Reading player from recent times who works harder than him. If there could be any criticism it’s that we need to see more moments of quality from him in the final third - like the free kick that won us the game on Saturday.

It was a pearler of a free kick and one worthy of winning many games. It’s fair to say that Tom has quickly become a fans favourite...


It’s the age-old cliche isn’t it, but it’s not about how you fall, it’s about how you get back up. And this team have the mentality and spirit to pick themselves up well after defeats.

Of course, you’d rather not have performances like Wednesday at all. But being able to wipe them from your memory as quickly as this team seems to be able too is a sign of a strong minded group of players.

Once again they bounced back, and the fans were quick to praise them...

Mr Dai

It wasn’t just matters on the pitch that caught the eye on Saturday. For far too long we’ve rightly criticised the owners and the people at the top of the club for being detached and disenfranchised with the fans.

Well, someone must’ve had a word with Dai over the summer because he's been a lot more visible recently, so visible in fact that he joined fans at the pub on Saturday. Seeing the pictures of fans with Dai was great, it’s exactly the kind of thing that connects the fans to the club.

The fans were loving it too. I mean, it’s not often you see your billionaire owner in the away pub at Wigan is it?


A brilliant way to finish a brilliant start to the season. Sitting third in the Championship at the first international break is a lot, lot better than any of us could’ve imagined. Long may it continue.