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QPR Fans Verdict: Two Points Dropped

How the fans reacted to a a classic tale of two halves.

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We’ve had more than our fair share of nervy one-goal wins this season. And although we’ve rode our lucks on a few occasions during those matches, it has largely been down to much improved game management than what we’ve been used to in recent years.

However, on Saturday we had a little throwback to seasons gone by. It gets said time and time again, largely because it’s true, but if you go two goals up at home you really should be winning that match.

However, it wasn’t to be and we were punished for a poor second-half performance. Here's what the fans had to say...

Jeff Hendrick

Hendrick hasn’t lived up to expectations since signing. However, Saturday was his best performance of the season by a mile, and not just because of the two goals - but they certainly helped.

The first of his brace was an absolute beauty, one of those rare occasions when the screams of ‘SHOOOOOOOT’ from the crowd are a) reciprocated and b) actually end with a goal. The second was a much easier finish.

He hasn’t been top of the fans’ Christmas card list since he joined, but they certainly enjoyed what they saw against QPR...

The second half

From the good to the bad. And the second half really was quite bad. As Ince said after the game, we have a tendency to sit back when we go in front and invite pressure. Mostly this season we’ve managed to see out the win, but on Saturday it came back to bite us.

Our intensity dropped, and we kept sitting deeper and deeper and ultimately got what we deserved. In fact you could argue we were fortunate to get a point in the end. The fans weren’t happy with the second half showing...

Paul Ince

What certainly didn’t help with the performance was some questionable substitutes from Paul Ince midway through the second half. Bringing McIntyre and Dann on for Loum and Hoilett was a bit overly negative, some fans felt.

We all know Ince is no tactical mastermind, but some fans are finding it frustrating just how negative Ince is with his tactics and subs...


A good first half but a really, really poor second half and we got what we deserved. Ince has to take some accountability, which for someone reason I doubt he’ll do publicly, because those substitutions were questionable to say the least.

But he wasn’t the only problem, the defending for both QPR’s goals left a lot to be desired and there's a lot of work to do before Stoke next weekend.