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Manchester United Fans Verdict: Out Of The Cup

Here’s how the fans reacted to a 3-1 loss at Old Trafford.

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I mentioned this in my match report but, for me, Saturday evening went a lot better than I expected it to. Of course its always disappointing to lose and there were certainly some frustrations (mainly in the form of a 6ft4 Geordie), but there have been a lot worse performances this season.

A cup run is always nice, but the priority is to stay in the league - and there is no shame in going out of the cup to the hands of one of the most in-form teams in the country. Here’s how the fans reacted to some of the key talking points...

Andy Carroll

Carroll is clearly a favourite in the dressing room and the reaction to his contract extension earlier this month was largely positive. However, he really let the team down on Saturday night with a crazy five minutes when he got a yellow card, should’ve got a second or even a straight red for wild lunge on Christian Eriksen, and then did get his second yellow with a rash challenge on Casemiro.

Not only did the fans have the red card to discuss, but it was also noticeable how much better we played once he wasn’t on the pitch...

Amadou Mbengue

From the bad to the not so bad. Mbengue has cemented himself as a firm fans’ favourite since joining and, although he’s still very raw, there's a lot to like about how he’s performed when he’s got his chance.

Shane Long aside, there’s no-one in this side who I like seeing getting on the scoresheet more, and to do it at Old Trafford is a great moment for him. The fans were certainly happy for Mbengue and also impressed with how he played when he came on...

No shame in losing

There are some games where you just have to hold your hands up and admit that the opposition are just better than you. And Manchester United are a better team than Reading. That’s just fact.

Yes there are things we can improve on and things we could’ve done a lot better, but losing to United is fine, it really is. Our priority is to stay in the league, not to win the FA Cup. The fans were quick to note that there’s no shame in losing to United...


We didn’t disgrace ourselves and that’s a good thing in my eyes. Other teams would’ve been put to the sword by United and let the floodgates well and truly open, but we didn’t - not even when we went down to 10.

All eyes move onto the league now. Next up, Watford.