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Burton Albion Fans Verdict: Royals Falter In Bore Draw

How the fans reacted to a poor performance in another home game where the actual match played second fiddle.

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Another weekend, another home game where the football played second fiddle. Since the game against Bolton Wanderers, when the first protest took place, we are yet to pay another outstanding HMRC bill and the club have released a statement saying Dai Yongge is listening to offers for the club.

Again on Saturday, the Loyal Royals were urged to dress in black by Sell Before We Dai and again came armed with their tennis balls. This time there were quite a few more, and they rained down onto the pitch from all four stands on the 16th minute - doubling down and then some on the point we made against Bolton.

However, where the team succeeded in going on to win the game against the Trotters, they stumbled against Burton with a pretty poor overall performance.

The protest

Things have got even worse since we started protesting against Bolton and, let's face it, it’s not going to get any better until Dai Yongge sells the club. The relatively good news is that Dai is now publicly open to selling the club, and the protests and work behind the scenes by Sell Before We Dai that have already been done has put our situation firmly on the national media’s radar.

We protested even bigger and better against Burton, so much so that the game had to have a 10-minute delay in order for all the tennis balls to be cleared.

The fans’ message is simple: Dai Yongge has to sell the club or else there is a genuine chance we won’t be a club for much longer...

The football

The protest was, yet again, on the most part a unifying experience that brought the fans together and made them proud to support their club. The actual football on the other hand was not so good.

We fashioned a fair few chances, but with the amount of possession we had and with how content Burton were to hold out for a draw, we really should’ve done a lot better and come away with three points.

At this stage we don’t know where the next points deduction will come from, but more punishment could come so we need to rack up as many points as possible. This felt like a huge opportunity missed...


Another very, very good protest but another performance that left a lot to be desired. I guess a point’s a point, and it’s better to be creating chances and not taking them than not creating them at all, but still we need to be a lot better than that going forward.

Next up, Northampton Town.