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Charlton Athletic Fans Verdict: A Four-Gone Conclusion

What the Loyal Royals had to say after another away loss.

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I’m running out of things to say and ways to introduce a Fans Verdict for an away loss.

It's actually pretty impressive how many different ways we’ve found to lose away from home in the last year or so. There’s the drubbings, the last-minute heartbreaks, and then the games like Saturday - when we actually look the better team, concede one, and then the floodgates open.

It was the dictionary definition of capitulation station. And just heartachingly all too familiar. Here’s how the fans reacted...

Another away loss

As I walked back in on Saturday evening, the first thing my other half said to me was the old “Why do you keep going if it just makes you this unhappy? It can’t be very fun.” And she’s right. It really isn’t very fun.

We’ve now got just one more away game, at Shrewsbury Town, to try and make sure we don’t go a full 12 months without a win on the road in the league.

The fans lost patience a long time ago with this, and who can blame them?

Ruben Selles

The pressure is mounting.

The harsh truth of the matter for Sells is that, no matter how bad it is off the pitch, he still has a job to do on the pitch in terms of getting us results. That’s now seven away losses in the league so far this season - from seven away games.

Not starting the likes of Charlie Savage, Ben Elliott and Caylan Vickers (our three most creative players) was strange in itself, but choosing not to bring any of them until we were 3-0 down is even more questionable.

Not a great day for Selles and the fans weren’t happy...

Nelson Abbey

It’s very weird to talk about a positive after a 4-0 defeat, even weirder when that positive is the performance of one of our centre-backs. But honestly, Nelson Abbey is simply a superb footballer.

Once again he was brilliant on Saturday, and it was telling that, at the end of the game as the players stood solemnly applauding the fans, as soon as Abbey jogged over to clap, almost every fan who was still left in the stadium applauded him back and chanted his name.

Let’s just enjoy him whilst we’ve still got him...


Another depressing day following Reading Football Club away from home. The worst thing is that I can’t even see a way out. We’re easy pickings on the road and, once we concede, no matter what minute it is in, you may as well give the home team the three points there and then.

Next up are two huge home games to try and bring back some kind of positivity. The first of which is a six-pointer (yep, already) against Fleetwood on Tuesday.