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Fleetwood Town Fans Verdict: Eat, Sleep, Lose Horribly, Repeat

How the fans reacted to yet another horrendous evening for Reading Football Club.

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Genuinely it’s getting to a point where I should just dust off the last Fans Verdict and reuse everything apart from adding in new tweets from the fans. It’s getting ridiculous now, isn’t? The same old story, time after time after time.

Yet again on Tuesday night, Reading were really poor, some may even argue they sunk to a new low. But they seem to do that every two months or so these days.

Here’s what the fans had to say after the game as they rued an all-too-familiar story and even more pressure mounted on the manager...

A new low?

It’s been bad for a few weeks now - well, a few years in fact - but Tuesday night really was a different kind of shocking. In and of itself, as a standalone performance, it was atrocious. But combine it with what we’ve had to endure so far this season and everything else happening around the club at the moment and it did feel like we sank to a new low.

It’s just painful now. And the fans are scared that it’s going to get a lot worse before it even begins to get better...

Ruben Selles

I never, ever want someone to lose their job and will never actively push for it. I want Selles to turn things around, I really do, but this is starting to feel all too familiar.

It’s like a throwback to the weeks leading up to Veljko Paunovic’s sacking. This is going to go one of two ways: we’re either going to turn things around or we’re going to be on the end of a Fulham-style demolition and that will be that. I know which one is looking more likely at the moment.

For many, Tuesday night was the final straw for Selles and the number of fans wanting him to be sacked is at an all-time high...


Another horrendously bad performance and result. If it carries on like this for much longer then you have to feel Selles is on borrowed time. Or is he? Do we even have the ability or money to fire and pay off a manager? Probably not.

It's depressingly bad at the moment, so look out for one another. If you need a break from the football, take a break. Football, and this club, can take far too much of our emotional capacity sometimes - so when it’s this bad, it’s important to take a break from it if you feel you need to.