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Portsmouth Fans Verdict: Fans Rally But Players Falter

How the fans reacted to another big day, but another loss.

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It was another game at the SCL where the protests against the ongoing torture that is Dai Yongge’s ownership took centre stage, and the actual football played second fiddle.

The march before the game was really something. Thousands of Loyal Royals marching for one purpose, making their thoughts and feelings known.

However, the players couldn’t deliver as the supporters did, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory by throwing away a two-goal lead. Here’s how the fans reacted...

The march

As I’ve just mentioned, the march before the game was the big issue of the day. The work that has gone on behind the scenes by the Sell Before We Dai group has been really impressive and it’s really made the footballing world and national media stand up and take notice of just what is going on at our club.

I was a proud to be a Reading fan walking to the stadium on Saturday, and it was a moment I won’t forget for a very long time - a view shared by the rest of the Loyal Royals...

The football

As I mentioned, while the fans delivered on Saturday, the players did not. Yes, we were playing the best team in the division and yes, in isolation a 3-2 loss to Portsmouth is by no means horrendous.

But we were 2-0 up, we were playing half decently, and a win would’ve been huge. But no, of course we crumbled, capitulated and found ourselves falling to the bottom of the league.

While there were better signs on the pitch, there was still a lot left to be desired...


Football has an ownership problem, and we’re one of the biggest sufferers of it. Bury, Oldham, Wigan Athletic, Derby County, Scunthorpe United, Southend United, Sheffield Wednesday, Reading. The list goes on and on and on.

Our fortunes aren’t going to change on the pitch until they change off it. So something needs to happen, and soon.