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Northampton Town Fans Verdict: Reading Lose Away, Again

How the fans reacted to yet another woeful away performance and result.

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This is just getting ridiculous now. Another away game, yet another dreadfully bad performance and result. We’re cursed. We just have to be.

That first half, particularly the opening 20 minutes, was like watching schoolboy football. It’s clear as day the players don't trust themselves to actually control a football and pass it. Too often we panicked and hoofed it upfield. Couple that with the obvious errors from the ‘keeper and it’s a recipe for disaster.

In the second half we were marginally better (we couldn’t have been any worse), but the damage was done and we fully deserved to lose the game.

The fans who travel up and down the country every week deserve better, and they let their feelings be known after the game...

David Button

I never like singling out players, but Button has made it pretty much impossible for me not to. He doesn’t need telling at all he should’ve saved all three of Northampton Town’s goals. As a team who are so god awful away from home anyway, we really can't do with these kinds of mistakes.

He needs to put this performance quickly behind him, but the fans are starting to wonder whether this is the David Button we were warned about before he signed...

Overall performance

Although Button’s mistakes will obviously stand out, the overall performance was just awful. The defending was Conference level at best, going forward we were pretty blunt yet again and that first 20 minutes or so... honestly I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it.

This is a very young team learning their way at professional level, but they need to do better than what they’re showing at the moment. It’s just nowhere near good enough.

Pressure on Ruben

The longer it goes on like this, the more pressure will rise for Selles. On the whole, the fans have been largely understanding of the hand he’s been dealt and the circumstances he’s currently working in.

However, performances have been nowhere near good enough on a few occasions this season - particularly on the road of course. How much the off-field turbulence should effect performances is up for debate, but some fans are starting to question Selles’ methods...


Another typically horrendous away showing really. It’s just getting boring now and the fans who pay good money and trudge up and down the country every other week deserve so, so much better.

The worst thing is is that that away win doesn’t even feel close, it feels as far away as it ever has. It’s just depressing.