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‘Not Good Enough’: Ruben Selles On Reading’s Defeat At Leyton Orient

He was speaking after a late defeat at Brisbane Road which continued Reading’s poor run of form.

Cambridge United v Reading - Sky Bet League One - Abbey Stadium Photo by Simon Marper/PA Images via Getty Images

Our run without a win away from home continues after a 2-1 defeat against Leyton Orient at Brisbane Road.

Orient took the lead in the first half but Tyler Bindon equalised for the Royals before the break. The home side scored with minutes to go to get the win and continue Reading’s woe away from home.

After the game finished, Ruben Selles and his young side headed to the fans where frustrations were raised and he wanted the fans to feel heard after a tough start to the season.

Here is what Selles had to say, he spoke to the official club website and Reading Chronicle.

Selles on the defeat

“We competed until the very end, but there is a moment in final minutes – like in the Exeter game – where we lose the game in a situation where we can easily solve. And it hurts.

“We were in the game and we came here to compete. We came back after the first goal, but we need to improve in those situations that can happen.

“Our pressure wasn’t not arriving well enough, so we needed to modify – then they had lots of switches of play, and because of that they had more crosses and we needed to make some modifications. Then we started to defend better; sometimes you need to adjust in the game.

“We started with a 4-2-3-1 and we put Dom in the number 10 position – to put us more in the game. The result was that we didn’t get the pressure that we wanted and the switch of play was easy; when we went back to a different system, we were able to get more pressure on the ball and stop those switches of play.

“A lot of things have happened this season – if I say that with another context then we would be better, but that would be making excuses. We are where we are and we tried to get the points. We came here trying to win the game today. But it has not been good enough, we all know.”

Selles on the fans

“We need to accept our responsibility. I am the first responsible. These fans have been very supportive to us; they have come away with us and they know what our record is, and they still support.

“The least that we can do is go to them and hear them. We need to hear them.

“My players felt that they cannot lose the game at the end, and that they need to stand in front of our people and to show respect for them and give their apologies. We need to feel as they feel – we are all human and we all need to listen.”

Selles on Holmes and Guiness-Walker return

“I told you that they have been working in the way they needed to be working. We have some players out and they were working well so I didn’t have any problems getting them back in the team.

“When Matt Carson was tired Nesta stepped in and did a good job. When we were under pressure and needed to defend situations in the box, we brought Tom Holmes on. It was my selection and they have always been working well.”

Selles on pressure on his job

“It is football. There is always pressure to win football matches. We have been in a situation to get some points. We can be more competitive. If the coach of your team is not working, you are on top of it and responsible.”

Selles on meeting expectations

“I know people wanted us to just bounce back and I was the first when I joined the situation didn’t allow us. We’ve had the minus one and minus three deductions and we were not able to win some football matches. I think we need to put into perspective the situation, but I accept that people expected more from us.”