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Shrewsbury Town Fans Verdict: Another Royal Crumble

Harry wraps up the views of the Loyal Royals after more away-day disappointment.

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I still don’t really have the right words to sum up what on earth happened on Saturday afternoon.

Mere minutes away from our first league away win in a year... and that happens. It’s one thing conceding an equaliser in stoppage time, but to capitulate so much that you go and concede a winner too: it left me in a state of shock.

You think you’ve got through everything a football club can throw at you, but then they go and do something like that. Here’s how the fans reacted...

One year without an away league win

The dreaded milestone has now been hit, and in the most symbolic fashion possible. We scored the first goal in away game for the first time since October last year, then scored another, then conceded a moronic goal and the rest is history.

We actually settled the game down pretty well after conceding the first, but that second half was a lesson in how not to see out a win. It was really bad, and we got punished.

As you can imagine, there were a mix of emotions from the fanbase after the game...

Ruben Selles

I actually watched Selles for a few moments after the final whistle and he just stood there in his technical area and didn’t move for about 30 seconds, head down looking at the floor. He looked defeated.

You have to respect him for coming to our shambles of a club, but it hasn’t worked and he’s out of his depth. It’s a harrowingly similar situation to Veljko Paunovic’s final weeks.

I think if Mark Bowen didn’t have his hands full trying to find us a new owner, Selles would’ve been put out of his misery by now. The fans just want him gone...

Destined for League Two?

It’s only November, but we’re now 10 points adrift of safety and there are no signs - literally zero - that it’s going to be improve any time soon.

We’re a team on our haunches, bereft of any confidence, who can’t buy a win and sadly we look destined for another relegation.

It’s a very sad situation and the fans are dreading the rest of the season...


The worst I’ve felt after a football game in some time. You think you’ve grown numb and think you’ve seen everything that could possibly go wrong, but then something like that happens. It just fathoms belief.

I do not blame any fan who has just had enough now. For many a game like that is probably the final nail in the coffin.