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Wycombe Wanderers Fans Verdict: At Long Last

How the fans reacted to a first away league win in 378 days.

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At long, long, long last it’s happened. We’ve left an away league game with three more points than we arrived with.

After the lowest of lows at Shrewsbury Town last time out the Royals were once again backed by a packed-out away end, and this time finally gave them something to shout about.

A frantic first half had all the goals before Reading did everything they didn’t do in Shrewsbury, seeing the game out perfectly to take home all three points.

The fans went into bedlam after the game, and who can blame them? This is have been over a year in the making...

A win at last

For those who have followed Reading away from home in the last year, it’s been a pretty tough ride. It’s not even that we haven’t been very good at winning away from home - we’ve been really good at losing.

We’ve managed to lose games in every way possible. We’ve been battered by four or five, we’ve had last-minute heartbreak, we’ve had edgy games that could’ve gone either way. You name it, we’ve experienced it.

So Saturday was just reward for those who have been there for the last year. Because it’s been hell. They were pretty happy on Twitter post-match...

The full-time scenes

I’ll tell you one thing, the celebration police certainly wouldn’t have enjoyed the post-match scenes in the Reading away end.

I haven’t seen celebrations like that since that game at Bramall Lane. It was an outpour of relief, amazement and pure joy. It’s a huge win, one that’s been 378 days in the making, and the full-time scenes showed that.


Just a simply amazing day. However, we can’t get too caught up in it. Tuesday night we host Carlisle United, which is yet another massive game.

We need to use the confidence and the belief from this result to build a bit of a momentum. Let’s not waste what was a fantastic performance, result and moment for the club.