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MK Dons Fans Verdict: Up For The Cup

What the Loyal Royals had to say after the 3-2 win over League Two MK Dons.

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It’s all a bit doom and gloom at the moment, but if there is one thing Reading have actually been good at recently, it’s playing in cup competitions.

Of course, because we’re now in League One, this is the third cup competition we’ve played in already this season, and we’ve shown our best performances of the season in the other two.

It wasn’t a demolition job à la Millwall in the Carabao Cup, or Swindon Town or Exeter City in the Pizza Papa Johns Bristol Street Car Motors Cup (it’s something like that), but it was a win nonetheless. And we’ll take all the wins we can get at the moment.

Here’s what the fans had to say...

Into the hat

The main thing on Saturday was that we won the game and saw ourselves through to the next round.

I would say “can you imagine the uproar if we’d have lost that game too?”, but a large proportion of the fanbase, myself included, have lost the ability to ‘uproar’ about results anymore.

Anyway, we got a win and we’re into the next round and the fans are pretty happy about it...

The second-round draw

You can tell just how gripped the fanbase were by Saturday’s game that I have to include the second-round draw, which happened yesterday afternoon, in this Fans Verdict...

In all seriousness it’s a really interesting draw. With all due respect, we’re used to getting draws like MK Dons at home, so Eastleigh away is a nice change. It might even get us a little bit of TV money which will be handy.

Here's how the fans reacted to the draw. It’s safe to say they were pretty happy...


So yeah, that’s about it really. A bit of a mellow edition of Fans Verdict. There are bigger issues on hand at the club than a first-round FA Cup tie against MK Dons, but a win is a win and we have to take any win we can get at the moment really.