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Barnsley Fans Verdict: Royals Overrun By The Tykes

How the fans reacted to another difficult afternoon.

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There have certainly been improvements in recent weeks, both in terms of performances and results. Put aside the farce of the FA Cup game against Eastleigh and we’d had back-to-back wins in the league and made it through to the next round of the Papa John’s Delivery Vehicle Cup.

Those improvements were put into a bit of perspective on Saturday. We’re still a long way off where we need to be and, once again, came up against a better-drilled, more street-smart team.

It was a decent first-half performance, but we crumbled a bit in the second and had costly errors punished by the visitors.

Here’s how the fans reacted...

The game itself

Look, we've definitely seen worse performances haven’t we? It was by no means a catastrophe, we just didn’t have that final quality to capitalise on some good periods, and we made some costly errors that got punished.

Ultimately though, it’s another loss. And at the moment it’s wins we need more than anything at this stage. The fans were a bit torn post-match: some feeling it wasn’t good enough again, some seeing some positives, and all agreeing that we need wins...

Ruben Selles

He’s had a bit of respite in recent weeks, and by that I mean the heat on him hasn’t been as intense as it had been in the previous few weeks and months.

However, yet another loss in the league got people asking questions again. It was another game where some decisions from Selles raised the eyebrows of a few supporters, and ultimately the product we saw on the pitch didn’t really reflect a team that is well oiled, well drilled and know exactly what they need to do and when to do it.

I think it’s fair to say that the vast majority of the fanbase don’t think Selles is the right man for the job anymore...


Another really disappointing and frustrating afternoon all in all. Yes, the performance was better - but we need to start leaving games with three more points than we arrived at them with, that's the fact of the matter.

What's actually happening on the pitch at the moment all seems a bit secondary at the moment, but we are in serious, serious danger of back-to-back relegations here - which would be catastrophic.