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Eastleigh Fans Verdict: Royals Crash Out Of The Cup

How the fans reacted as they saw the Royals lose out to non-league Eastleigh.

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When the final whistle blew on Sunday, I didn’t feel necessarily upset, angry or sad. I was just a bit numb. Maybe I’ve well and truly hit the point where nothing this club throws at me can phase me anymore. But I won’t speak too soon.

It was all a bit deja vu, wasn’t it? From the brilliantly impactful protest to the horribly below-par performance on the pitch, to the ultimate loss against a non-league side in the FA Cup. We’ve been here before.

Here’s how the fans reacted to another depressing day supporting Reading Football Club.

The protest

In a really perverse way, we’re probably lucky that we had the protest on Sunday. Because if we didn’t, we’d have all eyes on a pretty pathetic loss to a team two divisions below us.

Once again, the protest was absolutely spot on, planned to perfection and executed brilliantly by the fans. As we all know, it shouldn’t be like this - we shouldn’t be protesting to start with - but the publicity and the eyes this has got on our situation is really, really good. And credit to ITV for their part in it as well.

The fans loved the protest it seems, but ultimately just want Dai Yongge out of the club as soon as possible...

The football

I understand that upsets happen in the FA Cup, and plenty more bigger, more embarrassing upsets have happened in years gone by than a rock-bottom Reading losing to Eastleigh. However, these games should be processions really, shouldn’t they?

A team in League One, who are paid a lot of money to play football as their job, should be beating a non-league team 99 times out of 100 in my opinion.

It’s just a result that sums up us a club down to a tee. Bang average, pull one back when you probably don't deserve to, and then go on and lose anyway in injury time.

The fans are getting sick and tired of it...


Just another day supporting Reading FC really. Personally I’m just a bit numb to it all now, and performances and results on the pitch all seem a bit trivial in the grand scheme of things when you realise the future of club is at genuine risk.

Yes, Selles probably should’ve brought Vickers on, and we should be beating Eastleigh no matter who plays to be honest, but nothings going to change or improve until the man upstairs has sold up.