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Watford Fans Verdict: Royals Rally To Rescue A Point

How the fans reacted to a rollercoaster game at the SCL Stadium.

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Every Reading game seems to be a rollercoaster to be honest, and Saturday afternoon summed that up really. It was a poor first 60 minutes: the players were sloppy in possession, not that aggressive out of it and the opposition didn’t really have to do all that much to find themselves with a comfy lead (where have we heard that before?).

However, once Reading pulled one back through Tom Ince’s penalty, we were a completely different team. And Jeff Hendrick even popped up with a wonderful equaliser.

There were mixed emotions from the fans after a really mixed game...

A poor first hour

As I said, for the first hour we were poor. Other than a Tom Ince effort that was forced wide by the ‘keeper, we didn’t threaten going forward. And we were pretty bad defensively, conceding two sloppy goals - particularly the second.

The most annoying or worrying part was that it was by no means the first time we’ve seen the team play like that. And the fans weren’t happy...

A strong comeback

I don’t tend to agree with Paul Ince on many things to be honest, but he’s right in saying that we’ve seen capitulations before in the kind of situation we found ourselves in on Saturday.

You can have your say on whether you think Ince is the right man to take us forward beyond this season or not, but has installed some of the old-fashioned cojones into the players. And they showed it again with a great comeback.

The fans were delighted to see us fight back to a draw...

Hendrick’s goal

Hendrick may not have exactly set the world alight with his performances this season, but he sure does have a decent goal in him. First the long-ranger against QPR a couple of weeks ago and now this, a Paul Scholes-esque volley from Ince’s corner to earn us a point.

The fans certainly enjoyed the strike...


A really random observation, but this game reminded me of the 2-2 draw at home to Stoke City in the 2018/2019 season. We did well to come back and get a point from the game, but the results that followed just showed that it papered over cracks more than anything.

I don’t want that to happen again. This point needs to be a catalyst for an upturn in fortunes. There were definitely more negatives than positives in my opinion, and we can't let them become mainstays.