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Millwall Fans Verdict: Another Limp Defeat

Harry rounds up the reactions of the fans after another poor loss, this time to Millwall at home.

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It’s just becoming all a bit predictable and tedious now. If you ever wanted a game that showed why Paul Ince may not be the man to take us forward as a club, then Saturday was it.

You can bear going behind in a game. It happens. But from the moment the visitors scored, we didn’t show an inch of guile or creativity or even a clear way of trying to get back into the game.

It was the old ‘go long to Andy Carroll and hope it sticks’ for 80 minutes. Millwall didn't even have to work that hard for three points and a clean sheet.

The fans were not happy with what they saw, and who can blame them?

Blunt attack

I mean, blunt is putting it politely. Zero shots from inside the box, zero big chances, zero shots on target. It’s just not good enough and the main worry is that it’s not new.

There is no identity, no obvious way of attacking or even trying to score a goal. Ince claimed after the game that Millwall defended for their lives when they went a goal up. That’s just not true. We didn’t give them anything to defend, so how could they have defended for their lives?

Fans just want to see entertaining football. Watching the team at the moment is painful...

Paul Ince’s future

Pressure on Ince is certainly starting to mount. His tactics weren’t bad, they were non-existent. I genuinely don’t think he has the managerial ability to coach a certain style of play.

And, yet again, his comments after the match were baffling, basically admitting the football is going to be turgid until the end of the season by pinning all of the team’s creativity on his son and saying we ‘competed’ against the Lions. If that’s competing, I’m dreading the day when the team don’t turn up.

I think it’s becoming pretty clear and obvious among the fans that Ince just isn’t the man to take us forward as a club. It’s just whether the club bite the bullet or now or wait until the summer...


I mean, I could have put 20, 30, 40 tweets in each of the above two sections. It was really was awful on Saturday. I haven’t seen an xG stat anywhere, but I’d be surprised if it’s over 0.00 to be honest.

(Editor’s note: it was 0.07, and even that seems high).

And Ince basically said it’s going to be like that for the rest of the season so that’s going to be fun. Onwards and upwards I guess.