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Blackburn Fans Verdict: Better, But Still Not Good Enough

How the fans reacted to a slightly improved performance, but all too familiar result away from home.

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I’d like to give everyone who went up to Blackburn a firm handshake. Travelling to Lancashire on a weekday evening when your team has won 11 points on the road all season - and doesn't really look like changing that anytime soon - should be filed under the word ‘commitment’ in the dictionary.

Although they got a slightly improved performance from the Royals on Wednesday night, it was an all too familiar result. And, again, we can’t really say we deserved anything from the game.

Here’s how the fans reacted to the key talking points...

Casadei and Joao

These two should really be counting themselves unlucky that they haven't featured more in recent weeks. Joao being a proven goalscorer at this level who should really be starting every game he's fit to, and Casadei a creative midfielder who’s been sat on the bench watching a very uncreative team fail to even muster shots on target.

Both stood out against Blackburn, with Casadei grabbing his first senior goal, and surely cemented themselves in the starting line up for a few games to come.

The fans were impressed with what they saw, but ultimately not surprised. These two should be starting more games for us...

Better, but still not enough

It is not difficult to perform better than we have been in recent weeks (well, it shouldn't be anyway). We’ve been really, really bad recently and have looked like a team bereft of ideas, tactical nous and confidence.

Wednesday night was better - I mean we got a few shots on goal and scored a goal in open play - but it still left a lot to be desired and, ultimately, we walked away pointless.

The fans noticed the improvements after the game, but still weren’t that pleased with what the team offered - and they were pretty emphatic in the conclusion that it wasn’t enough to win Ince any brownie points.

More questionable post-match comments

Ince is not exactly painting himself as a good interviewee at the moment. I don’t know whether it’s him protecting his players, slips of the tongue or he just genuinely believes what he’s saying, but some of his post-match comments have been baffling to say the least.

Yes we were a little better on Wednesday, but to come out and say the players were ‘exceptional’ and we should’ve got points from all of the last three games is just absolutely ridiculous. I think the fans are reaching the end of their tether now...


We scored a goal and looked more threatening than we have been in recent weeks, but let's be honest that's not exactly an achievement.

At the end of the day, we still lost the game and deservedly so. Saturdays game against Hull is absolutely huge and you’d think it’s a must win - purely for the atmosphere around the club. We win and some weight is lifted off some shoulders, we lose and all hell breaks loose.