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Middlesbrough Fans Verdict: A Dismal Display On Teesside

Harry rounds up the reaction after a horrendous defeat to ‘Boro.

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There isn’t much in the world of football that can epitomise the Jekyll and Hyde cliche quite like our form at home compared to our form on our travels this season. It is truly, truly baffling how we can go toe to toe with pretty much anyone at home but look like a semi-pro team away.

Saturday was just awful. ‘Boro are a good team and look pretty much nailed on for a top-six spot come May, but that doesn’t excuse a 5-0 loss. Yes, decisions went against us - particularly the challenge on Shane Long in the first half - but I don’t think they were as crucial to the result as Ince might think.

Here’s how the fans reacted...

The performance and result

There’s not really much to dissect from the performance, it was just awful. An xG of 0.14 compared to Boro’s 3.89. three shots (all off target) to their 13 and 35% possession. We just didn’t lay a glove on them.

Not only that, but we let them batter us as well. They’re a good team, but to lose 5-0 against anyone in this league is just nowhere near good enough. The club let down the hearty fans who had travelled up from Berkshire.

Here’s what the Loyal Royals had to say, and I think it’s fair to say that they weren't happy...

Paul Ince

Something the fans found almost as embarrassing as the performance on the pitch was Ince’s comments after the game. He was adamant that two decisions in the first half basically determined the result of the match.

The challenge on Long is a stonewall penalty, but to suggest that it’s determined the result of the game is nonsense. Ince’s refusal to shoulder any blame and his eagerness to distance himself from the players whenever we get beat is ridiculous and unacceptable.

It’s look like the fans are starting to lose patience with the manager, if they hadn’t done so already...


A rank performance, an abysmal result and some excruciatingly painful comments from Ince. All in all, a horrific afternoon.

With at least a six-point deduction looming as well, and some really tough fixtures coming up, this is a seriously crucial period for us.