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Bristol City 1-1 Reading: Player Ratings

Ross grades the Royals after an important point at Ashton Gate.

Blackburn Rovers v Reading - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Joe Lumley: 7

Brave in a challenge with Weimann early, Lumley was able to punch away and paid for it with what looked like a dislocated shoulder. A quick pop and Lumley was back up… and then back down shortly after in the 20th minute, doing well to slide in and push the ball away from Wells in a dangerous position.

Made a great low save to his left after Reading’s second-half subs. Bristol City drove deep into an exposed Reading half, and Lumley kept Reading in the game with 25 minutes to go. Shortly after did incredibly well to be alert and clean up Sarr’s weak backpass, speeding out of his box to clear.

It’s worth mentioning that he was saved from conceding by the offside trap twice today, but both times rightfully so.

An important performance for the Reading goalkeeper, and Lumley was as responsible for the away point picked up as any other player on the pitch.

Amadou Mbengue: 6

Alert on the right side of the back three through much of the first half, and definitely the player tasked with covering pace in a back three including Holmes and Sarr.

Missed a header late in the first half that led to a Bristol City corner when NGW panicked, and a little erratic in the passing game today but easily the most progressive of Reading’s starting back three.

Limped off in the 80th minute but was able to eschew the support he was being given from the Reading coaches to eventually walk off on his own two feet. Hopefully just a knock as Mbengue provides something extra in defence that others struggle to.

Tom Holmes: 6

Started the game much the way he finished the pre-break period, a little shakily, but calmed down quickly as the first half progressed.

This probably became Holmes’ best game since his return from injury, helming the middle of the back three and generally protecting the middle of the box well even when Bristol threatened.

Naby Sarr: 5

Quiet in the first half, became the unfortunate provider of Bristol’s first goal, only able to skew the ball towards the feet of Conway when attempting a clearance.

Slid in well on Wells to cover for NGW and clear the ball for a corner just before the hour mark, but shortly after he almost gave the game away, weakly passing back to Lumley, who luckily was able to clear. Would be rated higher if not for a few notable missteps.

Andy Yiadom: 6

Got forward well in the first half, and showed again how being given licence to do so in the RB/RWB position clearly makes it his most valuable to Reading.

That said, struggled to push deep for long into the second half, and generally moved the ball on to Meite for pace down the wing.

Booked for a cynical challenge that prevented a Robins counter attack and generally used his body in a similarly canny way.

Nesta Guinness-Walker: 5

A little lightweight defensively, which stands out more when his talent on the ball isn’t given room to shine. Lost his man inside the pitch in the sequence that led to Bristol’s first half goal.

Had to be covered by Sarr on the left of the back three several times, and was eventually removed for Azeez. Not the best performance from NGW at a time when he’s finally found himself in the team.

Tyrese Fornah: 5

Lofted a fine pass over the Bristol backline for Meite midway through the first half, and was a little unlucky not to be the provider of an assist. Alert to intercept and clear a very dangerous-looking chance for Bristol early in the second half, and tidy on the ball but a little light off it today.

Withdrawn for Lucas Joao shortly after the hour.

Jeff Hendrick: 5

The first time I noticed Hendrick was in the second half when he couldn’t keep up with his man and let him drive into the Reading half and pass into the box.

It would be unfair though to say that Hendrick wasn’t generally steady today though never spectacular. Perfectly reasonable when he was on the ball but hardly on it, Hendrick had just 26 touches today, the fewest of any outfield player outside of Meite: not really what you need from your veteran midfielder.

Cesare Casadei: 6

Lively if a little erratic in the middle, Casadei’s positive qualities outweigh his negatives, and his little flicks and dribbling flourishes were enough to earn Bristol City a yellow in this game. Indeed, Casadei drew three fouls in total today.

Through attempts to try things, Casadei does seem to lose the ball more than his midfield partners. No one midfielder in this Reading team has particularly proven themselves a possession monster this season though so it’s tough to say how much this trait of Casadei’s matters.

Headed away twice well in the box when Bristol searched for a winner late on, but unfortunately was called into much more defensive than attacking work in the second half and failed to build on his exciting first half.

Yakou Meite: 6

Generally an exciting if inconsistent display from La Brute.

In the first half, while it was a difficult bouncing ball to get hold of, Meite spurned what was probably Reading’s best chance in weeks when Fornah sprung him behind the Robins’ defence.

A joy to watch when running at the opposition, Yaks began to make himself busy with his pace as the first half went on. Left his man for dead with a fine cut and run into the box, and used his body to shield Yiadom’s ball through on the wing well. End product was unfortunately not quite as forthcoming as Meite struggled to find a shot or cross.

Sprung the offside trap (?) fantastically well late in the first half and beat the keeper, only to be denied by a goal line clearance.

Quieter in the second half, but still able to draw fouls out of Bristol City with his running, including winning the set piece that led to Joao’s goal. Dribbled deep into the box again in the final 10 minutes but again… couldn’t find the final product, tamely shooting into the goalkeeper’s arms.

Minutes later he blasted over when Reading had a well loaded box, perhaps showing Meite was forcing it a little late on. You can’t blame the striker for being desperate for a goal, but a little more composure would make Meite’s dynamic play even more effective.

Andy Carroll: 6

A mixed first half. Made an important goalline clearance in the 16th minute. Couldn’t quite get his foot around two reasonable chances in a crowded box just before the half-hour mark.

Really got on top of Bristol City’s defence in the air in the second half. Had tried the flick across the box from a set play that eventually led to Joao’s goal several times, and deservedly got his reward with a searching flick-on.

In fact, this was a good display from Carroll. His aerial prowess is as much of a problem for Reading’s attacking flow as it is a benefit at times, but if Ince is going to insist on playing Carroll through 90 minutes, Reading players need to do better at surrounding the big striker to collect his knock-downs.

Carroll won 83% of his aerial duels today, and is generally unplayable in that department, to the degree that many defenders simply choose to defend the knockdown rather than challenge the big Geordie.


Femi Azeez: 6

Azeez’s primary contribution to Reading has previously always seemed to be his running, but his set-play delivery is starting to raise eyebrows for me. Placed the ball on Carroll’s head for Reading’s goal, and generally looks competent in that department.

Azeez probably looked as good as we’ve seen him this season in the LW position, though it still seems a little reserved on the field for a player of his attacking quality.

Put the ball ever so slightly behind Lucas Joao when involved in Reading’s late three-on-one counter-attack, but Joao’s touch was more at fault for the broken play.

Overall, a good half hour from Azeez today that could have almost been even better.

Lucas Joao: 6

Finished Reading’s goal with a delightful flick over the outstretched arms of the Robins keeper.

Unfortunately couldn’t finish a last-second three-on-one counter attack when he stepped on the ball rather than shifting Abrefa’s pass across his body.

Kelvin Abrefa: 6

Replaced the hobbling Mbengue, and while occasionally positionally weak, he had good recovery speed to cover his area.

Made a potentially match-winning contribution for the Royals late on with an excellent diving tackle to whip the ball away from a Robins player searching for a shot outside the box with his team exposed. Abrefa then sprung up to join the attack with Azeez and the rookies was let down by the veteran Joao’s poor touch as the counter attack sputtered out.

Average: 5.78/10

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