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Burnley Fans Verdict: A Massive Point

Harry rounds up the fans’ reaction after a vital draw at home to Burnley.

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Although we were all delighted to see Noel Hunt in the dugout as opposed to his predecessor on Saturday, I’m sure in an ideal world he would’ve hoped for an easier first fixture than the champions elect.

As much as Burnley bossed possession and had the better chances though, Reading dug in to earn what could be a crucial point come the end of the season, along with their first clean sheet in 19 league games as well.

The fans were a lot happier with what they saw on Saturday then what they’ve been used to seeing recently.

A huge performance and point

Let’s be honest, there is not a chance that we get a point or keep a clean sheet in this game if we’d kept Paul Ince.

That slither of belief and hope that Ince’s sacking gave the fans, and possibly the players too, was a big factor in us getting that point. It was a good performance also. Although the visitors dominated the ball and had more shots, a lot of those efforts were from long distance.

All the fans want is to say that same tenacity and spirit for the remaining four games. They loved it on Saturday...

Noel Hunt

Since he’s come in, with the interviews he’s done and how he’s conducted himself, Hunt has been an absolute breath of fresh air.

He backed up the talk as well by being able to pick the players up from what was a hugely demoralising defeat last time out at Preston North End to get a clean sheet and point against one of the best teams the Championship has ever seen.

It just makes you think what could’ve happened if we’d given Ince the chop a few games earlier, but nonetheless Hunt made a good start to his temporary reign...

We’ve got the record...

Make no mistakes about it, there are many more immediate problems than preserving the 106 record this season, but to be the ones that prevent Burnley from surpassing it is a little poetic.

It was also refreshing to see the team and the manager care so much about it as well. You can imagine it was something that Paul Ince wouldn’t have given a flying monkeys about, but it matters to the fans.

The point is more important, staying up is so much more important, but preserving the record was a nice little bonus...


We are not out of the woods yet, but this is a huge result. To get a point against Burnley is a credit to the players, to Noel Hunt, the staff and the fans.

It’s a game none of us expected to get anything out of, but the players dug in, battled and fought to earn themselves a point. We just need to keep performing like that, and hopefully it'll be enough.