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Luton Town Fans Verdict: A Battling Point

A roundup of the Loyal Royals’ reaction after Reading drew with Luton Town.

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My feelings even sitting here 24 hours after full-time are still very, very mixed. It's better than a loss, and keeps us in touching distance of the teams above, but three points would’ve been absolutely massive - and I can’t help but think it’s a big chance missed.

To rally like the players did when we went down to 10 men was hugely impressive. They did everything they could to keep hold of all three points but, in the end, had to settle for a point.

It’s clear what the big talking point of the game was, but here’s a round-up of the reaction...

A good result?

It seems that I am not alone in my struggles to decide whether it was a good result or not. The feeling among the fans was mixed to say the least.

There are positives from the result and performance, and negatives too. I don’t think we’ll definitively know whether it’s a positive result until the end of the season, which I can’t even bear thinking about at the moment.

Here’s how the fans reacted to the result...

Andy Carroll

Now the big talking point. Having seen a replay back on Twitter (you can see that below), it’s hard for me to think Carroll didn’t mean it. My personal opinion is that is completely brainless from the Geordie.

However, it was interesting to see some fans back Carroll after the game. What I do know is that his red card had a huge impact on the game and we’re now without one of our senior pros for two monumental games. And it’s not exactly like we’re spoilt for choice in terms of options as it is.

Here’s what the fans had to say...


Well, what’s done is done as they say. We can’t change the result, we can’t change Carroll’s red card. We have three more games to get more points than QPR and/or Huddersfield.

On paper you’d say QPR have the toughest run-in and we play twice before the Terriers play again, which could be key in terms of putting on the pressure. All that matters is that, come 5pm on Monday 8 May, we’re outside of the bottom three.

That all starts on Saturday at Coventry.