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Coventry City Fans Verdict: Staring Relegation In The Face

How the fans reacted to a damning day for Reading.

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Well then, that could be very well be that. Having lost the game, and with results elsewhere very much going against us, we now leave ourselves in a position where winning our last two games may not even be enough.

Anything that could’ve gone wrong on Saturday did go wrong. In all honesty, we got battered by a better team in every single way and somehow QPR managed to get an away win at Burnley. Oh, the irony of a last-gasp 2-1 away win at one of the best teams in the league all but sealing our fate - after our result at Sheffield United last season.

Here’s how the fans reacted to a result that left us staring relegation in the face...

Relegation looming

There was something sombre about the time in between the final whistle going and getting back to my car. There was a realisation that the high, high likelihood is that we’ll be playing our football in League One next season.

We are in a position where we need to win our last two games, having not won in 11. Even then that may not be enough.

It’s very sad that the club has been allowed to get to this point. Any potential rebuild that looked possible in the summer will be a lot, lot harder if we do go down. Here’s what the fans had to say after the game...

Two must-win games

As much as it looks inevitable, we’re not a League One team just yet. We have two absolutely massive games coming up, starting with Wigan Athletic on Saturday.

It’s a must-win. Simple as that. Anything less and it probably will be game over. It’s the biggest game in this club’s recent history, and the fans know it...


Last weekend at least my heart was saying that we’d stay up even if my head wasn’t. Now both my head and heart are very much on the same page.

As they say, stranger things have happened, but it is going to take a miracle for us now. If Huddersfield Town manage to pick up points in both of their next two games then I think that is that.

What will be, will be. But it's not looking great.