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Birmingham City Fans Verdict: Two Points Dropped

Harry rounds up the reaction to a not so Good Friday.

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Friday was a huge chance to lift spirits and our chances of avoiding relegation. With the games we’ve got left and the situation we’re in, with all due respect to the Blues, we should’ve been targeting a win.

The performance wasn’t disastrous by any means; we started really well actually. But it’s not performances we need, we need wins. We need points on the board.

Here is how the fans reacted to the game. Spoiler alert, they weren’t very happy.

Relegation looming?

The threat of relegation now is very, very real. For any fan who thinks that we should have enough in the squad to see us over the line and keep us up: wake up and smell the coffee.

Friday’s result slipped us into the relegation zone with just six games to play. One thing’s for sure: the remainder of the season is going to be an absolute dogfight. We managed to scrape through last season, but so far the signs aren’t great for this one.

Judging by these tweets, it looks like it’s dawned on the fans just how dire the situation is now...

Paul Ince

I wrote a piece earlier this week about how we need to put opinions and thoughts about Ince to one side to really rally behind the players for the last few games. Ince is going to make it very hard for me to practice what I preach.

That post-match interview after the Birmingham City game was nothing short of a disgrace. He tells us to be positive and then makes remarks like us staying in the league would be ‘something special’. He chuckles during interviews. And the lack of accountability doesn’t get any less angering the longer it goes on.

It’s not Ince’s fault, it’s the clubs, or it’s the refs. I’m fearing the worst and Ince is a big reason for that. The fans were pretty angry with him on Saturday...


I think I’m going to have to have ‘Paul Ince’ as a recurring talking point in these Fans Verdicts. That post-match interview angered me like no other I’ve seen before from a Reading manager. Laughing while we’ve just dropped into the relegation zone? It’s just beyond criminal.

However, we need to go again on Monday, we need three points. But you just feel that a home game against Birmingham, who have virtually nothing to play for - when we have to play the likes of Burnley, Luton Town and two of the clubs around us - was a huge opportunity missed.