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Opinion: Dayong Pang’s Statement Fails To Properly Address Fans’ Concerns

For Ben, Dayong Pang’s address to the supporters lacks substance and doesn’t adequately tackle the main sources of frustration.

Reading v Millwall - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a statement!

Ultimately, the update from Dayong Pang doesn’t actually say anything though. When you strip it down to the bare bones, there’s no substance to it. But we’ll get to that later.

This statement, much like others that have been put out (remember the mega cash giveaway at the 150th anniversary Coventry City game?) have arrived after pretty relentless supporter pressure. I honestly don’t think, knowing him as I do (I say “know” him, but I have met him on a number of occasions, sat in meetings with him and as a result, have an idea of how fits into things) that he woke up this morning and felt he wanted to say something to us.

No, he was pressured into this, I would imagine from another key member of staff who I have a huge amount of time for, as I do for most of the people that work in the building daily.

Let’s go back to the fans for a minute. The majority have been asking for updates and rightly so. We are coming up to three months without a permanent manager. Three f’ing months. So of course there will be widespread frustration - and in some cases anger - that the appointment has not been quicker.

Plenty of people with various “sources” have suggested various things, some of which may be true, some may not. To release a statement telling the very same fans that it’s taken time is, at best, complete waffle - and at worst, absolute contempt for a fanbase that have endured too much over the last few years.

What is news, if you can call it that, is that Dai Yongge is heavily involved in the process of appointing a manager. Other than that, we still have no money, it’s hard work and there are problems to fix.

So here’s the two pieces that stood out to me, for the wrong reasons:

“I would personally like to thank all our supporters for their patience last season and throughout the summer so far.”

It’s our club, mate. No one is walking away. Whether it’s tinpot, stupid, sad, whatever: this football club is a lifeblood to a lot of people. We haven’t had any choice but to be patient.

“Our short-term goal is now clear though… to appoint the right man for the role of first team manager and to rebuild a squad capable of competing for a return to the Championship!”

You are seriously telling us as fans that this has only just dawned on you/the decision makers that this is the priority?

This statement is nonsense, has been produced in a rush and under pressure, and has someone else’s fingerprints all over it. It’s the absolute bare minimum that we should expect as fans of this small but proud club and does not nothing to address any rumours of potential takeovers and staff unrest.

Speaking of those staff, they need our support. They aren’t the problem and they never were. I know this from first-hand experience and I hope, for their sake, things improve drastically.

As for us fans, we are made to wait yet longer for concrete news that will begin to move this club forward. Whether we actually get that before any more rumours arrive remains to be seen, but ultimately the proof in acting upon any of these words will be in the hiring of a manager who is able to have us competing over a season.

Patience is all but gone and the clock is ticking ever louder.