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Millwall Fans Verdict: The Kids Are Alright

The fans react to a youthful Reading team’s superb win at The Den.

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Bloody hell. Where did that come from?

164 days since our last win in any competition, a team with the average age of a tad over 21 went to The Den, played a full-strength Millwall team and romped to a wonderful (and fully deserved) 4-0 win.

Prior to the game, I think every fan and their dog was expecting a loss, and on the whole would’ve been okay with that. But to put in the performance we did, and get that kind of result, was a delightful surprise.

The fans were in an understandably joyful mood. Here’s how they reacted.

The players

I was going to pick out one or two players for particular praise, but I just don’t think that’s fair. Every single player stood up and proved their worth to their manager and this squad.

Nelson Abbey captaining, Tyler Bindon on his debut, Kelvin Ehibhatiomhan bagging two, Caylan Vickers a nuisance again, Tivonge Rushesha tenacious, the list could go on and on and on.

They were all brilliant, and for so many of them to be from the academy is just the cherry on top. The fans loved what they saw...

Ruben Selles

I think we’ve already all fallen in love with him, haven’t we?

In all seriousness it is so refreshing to see a manager not only play young players, but also urge them to show bravery, courage and freedom when they do play. It is such a far cry from what we became used to under his predecessor.

We have an identity, a way we want to be playing and a manager who can get his players buying into all of that. What a bloke.

The fans already love him...

A win, at last

Our last win came on February 25 at home to Blackpool. Our last away win came in the final game before the World Cup at Hull City. It’s been a long, long time coming.

You can already tell it’s given the entire club a huge lift and new lease of life almost. We’ve endured a torrid few months; it feels like a bit of a turning point for us.

After being starved of a win for so long, the fans feasted in their joy at such an impressive result...


Almost the perfect evening really. I say almost because I in fact wasn’t there, which really stings considering I haven’t seen Reading win in person since October 1 2022.

From minute one (literally) to minute 90+ whatever it turned out to be in the end, we deserved that win. As the club’s Twitter admin put it so beautifully after the game, Reading’s lambs went to the Lion’s Den and put them to the slaughter.

Onwards to Port Vale. URZ.