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Exeter City Fans Verdict: Last-Gasp Sucker Punch

How the fans reacted to a close game at St James Park.

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So that’s yet another away game without a win - but there is perhaps more to be optimistic and positive about than appears on face value. It was a strange match really. In the first half Reading were dominated - Exeter City played really well and we should’ve been two or three down. However, against the run of play we managed to nick an equaliser.

In the second half it was pretty much role-reversal. We weren’t as dominant as Exeter were in the first half, but we played a lot better and for large proportions were the team who looked most like scoring. But then, alas, the Grecians went and grabbed a last-gasp winner.

There will be a lot to learn from this result for the players and manager, but it still stings a bit. Here’s how the fans reacted...

Another away loss

Obviously you can’t pin much of this on Ruben Selles - he’s only been in charge for the last two league away games - but for the fans’ mental health more than anything, this record on the road needs to be sorted.

We haven’t won away from home in the league since the last game before the World Cup. It’s just ridiculous really. And it’s becoming pretty unbearable for the fans...

Not all doom and gloom

Although the away form is horrendous, if we judge this game in singularity, I think a draw would’ve been fair.

In that second half we were the better team and had big chances to score through Femi Azeez and Kelvin Ehibhatiomhan. Ben Elliott was another bright spark who I thought looked the real deal, and it was just a momentary switch-off which cost us a good point.

So yes, frustrating, but there’s a lot we can take away and learn from and there are still signs that Selles is building a decent team...


Yep it’s an annoying result and it certainly left me feeling sour on my three-hour drive back to the Midlands, but - as I say far too much - we need to look at the bigger picture.

And that picture is we have a very young, inexperienced team with a new manager who wants to play an intense style of play. I remind myself to look at my own predictions back at the start of the season when I, and plenty of my fellow TTE writers, predicted a difficult start.

There are signs of a decent team here and we just need to stick with them, it’ll take time.