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Ipswich Town Fans Verdict: Royals Falter In The Shoot-Out

A roundup of the fans’ reaction as a youthful Royals side exited the Carabao Cup on Tuesday evening.

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Similar to the Millwall game in the first round, Tuesday was a bit of a free hit. The win at The Den had maybe heightened excitement or eagerness for a bit of a cup run, but I doubt many fans went into the game against Ipswich Town expectant of a win.

Once again, Ruben Selles made some changes - bringing in the likes of Tom McIntyre, Coniah Boyce-Clarke, Michael Craig and Tivonge Rushesha. However, despite going ahead early doors and fighting back with a late equaliser, the Royals ultimately got the penalty shoot-out horribly wrong.

However, there were - again - a lot of positives to take from a battling performance against higher opposition. Here’s how the fans reacted tot he big talking points...

A decent effort and a good experience

It’s never nice to lose games - especially on penalties - but the players put in a decent shift against a superior side.

The starting XI had an average age of a nudge over 20, and although the quality wasn't there all the time, the effort certainly was and we ran Ipswich very close.

The players will ultimately learn a lot from both the result and the performance. Losing on penalties hurts in the immediate, but can be a beneficial experience in the long run. The fans were quick to applaud the effort and dish out a bit of sympathy...

All eyes on the league

While cup runs are always nice, and of course we have the prestigious Papa Johns Trophy to come in the next few months as well, all eyes have to be on the league and they always were in reality.

The fans were quick to recognise this, which will hopefully help the players brush the defeat off quickly and gear up for another tricky away game at Cambridge United on Monday.

Whilst recognising the defeat, the fans didn’t seem to be all that bothered with it really and turned their attentions swiftly to Cambridge...


Yes it was disappointing to lose, it always hurts. But Reading have bigger fish to fry this season than the Carabao Cup, and I think the fans are pretty much all in agreement on that.

It was a good experience for another very youthful team and hopefully they can dust it off sharply before the Cambridge game on Monday. All eyes need to be on the league really.