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Peterborough United Fans Verdict: Opening-Day Defeat

Fans Verdict is back for another season. First up, the Loyal Royals react to an opening-day defeat to Posh.

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So then, we’re back again.

It was a hell of a pre-season, both metaphorically and literally. But, still, I woke up on Saturday morning with that feeling of hope, optimism and anticipation that only the first day of the season can bring.

Clearly it wasn’t the result we all wanted, but it wasn’t unexpected - not for me anyway. It’s going take a while for the players to adapt to ‘Selles Ball’ and we’re still at least five signings away from where we’d like to be, but there were definitely positive signs.

Here’s how the fans reacted to the big talking points from the opening day...

Promising signs

As I just said, there were some really positive signs on Saturday despite the loss, particularly in the opening half an hour or so.

The players looked hungry and, most importantly, like they have bought into Selles’ demands and the way he wants to play. It was intense, full-throttle pressing that on another day could’ve led to a goal or two.

Unfortunately we just couldn’t keep it going for much longer than 45 minutes. In the second half, Posh were a lot more comfortable and we didn’t have the quality or the energy to conjure up a meaningful chance.

The fans certainly spotted glimmers of hope and reasons to be optimistic...

Ruben Selles

It is very, very early days, but my god is it good to have a manager who has some sort of tactical nous and identity.

Under Paul Ince we were starved of any of that. We were a team who just hoped to have a couple of chances and hoped to keep the ball out of our net without having a set idea of how to actually do those things.

Already you can see that has changed under Selles and that's rather exciting. The fans liked what they saw from the manager on Saturday - including the fact he made a sub before the 85th minute!

Caylan Vickers

One really bright spark from Saturday afternoon was the introduction of Caylan Vickers in the second half. It was a cameo that we would never have seen under Selles’ predecessor, with his ridiculously stubborn refusal to give any youngster a chance.

Vickers looked like a player who wanted to make an impression on Saturday. Again, it’s very early days, but with showings like that you imagine he can have a part to play this season.

The fans love nothing more then seeing an academy prospect get their chance in the first team, and Vickers certainly caught their eye...


It’s been a rather positive Fans Verdict considering we lost yet another game, moving our competitive games without a win streak to 14 (having also lost every single game of pre-season).

Selles was never going to shake that losing mentality which the club has overnight - particularly with the shambolic pre-season he’s had to deal with. But there were a lot of positives to take, and there were signs that we can be competitive in this division this season.