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Bolton Wanderers Fans Verdict: A Royal Fightback Against The Trotters

How the Loyal Royals reacted to a wonderful win at home to Bolton.

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Wow, what a day. It was always going to be a pretty big one for the club as a whole with the week we had, but for the fans and for the players to rally the way we all did, as one, and come back from a goal down to win in those circumstances, is nothing short of remarkable.

It was a crazy afternoon, full of emotion and things bigger than the football match taking place in all honesty, but the feeling at the final whistle was like none other I’ve felt following this club in recent years.

Here’s how the fans reacted to a rollercoaster day and a mammoth win...

Feeling of pride

The protest was what took centre stage for the majority of Saturday afternoon - not just the tennis balls on the pitch in the 16th minute, but also the constant chanting from every stand of the ground.

I felt we struck the perfect balance between making our thoughts known about the ownership but also getting behind the team. I was proud to be a Reading fan.

That feeling of pride didn’t stop with me it seems, and quite right too...

A huge win

It was quite easy to forget that a football match was taking place on Saturday afternoon. With Dai Yongge taking points off us left right and centre, although you’d think that would make the matches play second fiddle, it actually makes every point we pick up even more important.

Take away all of the mess off the pitch and it’s a big three points, after a tough run of results. Add in the mess and it’s even bigger.

It rallied the troops and sent one big message to the man upstairs.

Ruben Selles

There’s something about this bloke. He just gets it. And if there was one way to cement himself in the hearts of the fanbase even more, it was to come out publicly and essentially say he’s just as miffed at Dai as we are.

As with almost every manager under Dai’s ownership, he’s been dealt a bad hand - but he hasn’t once moaned and he’s in this for the long run.

I think I love him - as do a few more of the Loyal Royals...


Just a remarkable day really. Hopefully it's the catalyst for bigger change at the club - and if some of the rumours flying around Twitter in the last day or so are to be believed, perhaps we are edging closer to brighter days.

Onwards and upwards. I love this team. URZ.