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Exeter City Rout ‘Means A Lot’ To A Delighted Ruben Selles

Selles marked his 10th game in charge of the Royals with a crushing away win.

Cambridge United v Reading - Sky Bet League One - Abbey Stadium Photo by Simon Marper/PA Images via Getty Images

Oh what a night! The Royals had a historic evening in Devon with an exceptional 9-0 victory against Exeter City in the EFL Trophy.

This was our biggest win in 122 years with our youngsters putting on an incredible performance.

Manager Ruben Selles said his side are a very special group of players. Here is what he had to say, he spoke to the Reading Chronicle.

Selles on ‘believing’ it was possible

“I can believe the performance because I see them working every day. Perhaps it was a little much in terms of the result but in terms of the performance, we know what we want. I know everybody in the squad has been working really hard for the last three months and we need to focus on what happens on the pitch.

“I am pretty sure every player that we put on the pitch has the ambition to play for Reading and make things with us. My team made a good performance today and that is the main thing.”

Selles on ‘how much it means’

“It means a lot. We made a decision at the beginning of the season with the players we wanted in our team, and we put in a lot of hard work. We put two good performances together and we have been performing well at the beginning of the season, and that’s what we need to take. We need to continue to work as hard as we have been and want to play together. It doesn’t matter the opponent, we are competitive.

“We have all been through a lot, especially those who have the team in their heart for their entire lives. I hope they had a good game and hopefully, we can repeat performances like today.”

Selles on making changes

“I have 25 players in the squad, and they fight every day to be in the lineup. I trust the people I have in front of me, and it doesn’t matter about age, it can be 34 or 15 if I believe they have something special. This group have something special.

“We need to carry on, we have only three days and another game on Saturday at Blackpool. In one game we cannot forget everything.

“I did the same in the Carabao Cup. I think I have players that need time, and the best thing is playing football matches. We use every game we have as a preparation match to continue evolving. I always planned to make the changes and then it is competition for them to see who the best in each position is. It is a pleasure for me.”