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Exeter City Fans Verdict: Loyal Royals On Cloud Nine

The Loyal Royals react to a quite frankly ridiculous victory at St James’ Park.

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Well, 9-0 is the weirdest scoreline I’m ever going to type out for a Fans Verdict.

It was all a bit surreal on Tuesday night, watching Reading dominate a game, and be as clinical as they were in front of goal. As the goals kept going in I just kept getting more and more confused - it was like I’d stepped into an alternative universe.

Yes, by the end of the game it was a rather weak Exeter side we were playing - but let's not forget how young and inexperienced our team is too. And we scored nine goals - it doesn’t happen too often.

9 (NINE) goals

We’ve won one away game since November 2021 - which was a few weeks ago in the Carabao Cup at Millwall - and somehow we go and win 9-0 on the road out of nowhere. It just doesn't make any sense, but then again not much does with this club.

Our biggest win in 122 years, and 400 or so Loyal Royals were lucky enough to be there for it. Plenty more though took to Twitter to show their bemusement and astonishemtn at the fact that we scored nine goals and also put in a performance that fully justified the scoreline...

Thoroughly deserved

As mentioned, 9-0 was a completely deserved scoreline. In fact, it wouldn’t have flattered us to get two or three more.

We were lethal in front of goal, limited Exeter to very, very few chances of their own and looked like scoring every time we went forward.

Ben Elliott was supreme, Caylan Vickers fantastic yet again, Dom Ballard absolutely lethal, Tivonge Rushesha tenacious, Michael Craig looked assured and confident - I could go on and on and on. Every player was magnificent and received their due praise from the fans...

Ruben Selles

He’s just the man isn’t he.

If anyone was doubting the kind of guy we have in charge, or starting to ask some questions about whether he was up to the task, surely this result has put that to bed?

This won’t happen every week, but we’ve seen more than enough in his short reign so far to suggest if we give Selles the tools (ie a club that actually functions properly) he will provide the goods.

The fans fell in love with him even more after Tuesday...


Just a ridiculous evening really. Nine goals? What on earth is all that about?

In all seriousness though, we have to bring the confidence and that kind of performance level into the league. It will be and up-and-down season, but this result and performance shows what the group are capable of - and we shouldn’t fear any team.