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Blackpool Fans Verdict: Another Horror Show On The Road

How the fans reacted to a really dismal day in Blackpool.

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If there was ever a time to be most optimistic of breaking our away hoodoo in the league, it was surely going to be off the back of a rampant 9-0 victory in the Papa John’s Trophy.

But, in true Reading style, we fell hopelessly to yet another loss on the road in the league. The game started okay enough, but a series of unacceptable individual errors meant we were three goals down by half-time, and we never even looked like getting back to into the game after that.

It’s a feeling the fans have felt before, but that doesn't make it any less frustrating...

More away woes

It is getting a bit ridiculous now how dreadful we are away from home in the league - we’re now nearing a full year since our last win on the road.

We can do that: we saw that at Millwall and during the week against Exeter, but there’s just something about the league where, we not only can’t win away from home, we struggle to put in a half-decent performance.

Surely something needs to change soon, but for now the fans had another loss to react to...

Individual mistakes

I don’t think we got tactically outplayed by any stretch personally. I think we conceded four really, really poor goals that could’ve been easily avoided if individuals had done their jobs properly.

That is an all too familiar feeling for the Loyal Royals, and there were a number of culprits guilty of making too many individual mistakes on Saturday...

Ruben Selles

The man in the dugout was again another hot topic of discussion for the fans after the game. Some were quick to criticise another poor showing on the road, whilst others were eager to defend the manager.

It was good to see Selles come over to the fans at the end as well, admit the performance was unacceptable and apologise. We would never have got anything like that from some of his predecessors.

He has been dealt a horrid hand, and there is a much bigger picture to look at, but does that make him immune from criticism? The fans had their say post-match...


Another horrendous away performance and result. While the turbulence at the club remains, and while the team is still in this transition phase of learning how Selles wants them to play, we’re going to have a few more days like this as well.

It’s going to be a topsy-turvy season and I’ve now got to the point where it’s all about staying in the league and trying to begin somewhat reminiscent of a well run club this season.